Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote on QVC

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“Music all the things you love it s our final item. Tonight and down home. Home. With david bret.

Hamilton is back with us. Am. I invited to sit down. Please have a seat boy.

So is it time for the wine is it time for the wine. Almost okay in 12 minutes. So i have to get i have to get through amazon fire. Here and then is wine time allow me to entertain you well please do because what we re talking about is a tiny little device that plugs into our tv yep that gives us 500000.

Choices. Yeah. And that is growing each and every. Day so picture this.

Scenario the old there s 800000. Channels. And nothing to watch if you can t find the show or something to watch here. It s best that you just turn off the tv right right because we re taking not only the best of what s on cable.

The best of what s not on cable. The best of shows that win any awards like the marvelous. Mrs. Mazal not on network monger.

A surprise. A big family. It s a hilarious show. I ve been through she loves eddie loves that show handmaid s tale you want to watch that you re not gonna find that on network tv.

What if you could watch qvc on a tv that doesn t have cable. So now i have your attention because you have extra tvs in the house. You re like i m not paying for another box. And then another dvr and another this or how about being able to watch qvc.

Many of you don t get qvc. Now you do many of you didn t even know there was a qvc. 3. Now you get that but here s the best part not only live programming.

But did you miss in the kitchen this week. I didn t that was there you were there well if you missed it no you didn t because it s there or you missed a philosophy show or you absolutely needed to shop shoes with jane and you go down. And see wait a second now. I have qvc on demand.

So whether it s martha or it s stacy or we go down here to something pretty cool aside from all the programming. What if you bought the blink tsv and have no idea how to set it up there s a video. There for that and my brother..


Courtney qaddafi. Did that video. She did and i got an amazing amount of hits on here because so many people go oh. Now i get it so now my tv can help me.

Watch my tv or understand my tv or my video games or whatever. It might be so all this stuff now lives inside your television with something as small as essentially a thumb drive. Ready. Let s show you what happens here is what you get when you order this yeah.

And when you order this it is so super easy to work with so brett walk us through what we get and how to work with it yeah so basically this is the device right here this is fire tv. This is the 4k stick this is the fastest. This is the newest version of what amazon is giving you and what you ll get to plug into your television. That plugs into the back that plugs into an hdmi port that s the same place you plug in cable.

It s the same place you plug in a video game system or a blu ray player you get a power cord. Because it needs its own power. A little extension in the event that you can t get this plugged in properly that will extend it. But more importantly our remote that has alexa built into it so wait a second now for less than 50 you have access to 500000.

Different shows. But you also have a fully functioning. Amazon echo and voice control to find whatever. It is that you want to watch so i like to put david on the spot.

Because he is the only host that s ever stumped me oh my goodness hey guys can you hear me okay because we were a little worried when i sat down that ice. I turned my mic off by accident. So we re okay okay great all right so hit me. So you give me your home tonight.

Later tonight. Okay you need something to fall asleep to so. I ll put you on the spot. Give me a movie or a tv show that would help you relax help you zone out.

Smash. How about the original mash movie. Oh yeah. We even better ever.

So one that gave rise to the tv show that s correct in all eleven episodes there s a little microphone button here and i say mash and what happens is alexa and the voice and the brain behind there goes and not only finds the show. But finds the movie give me another one. Oh. How about a movie.

A movie. A movie. A movie action movie. Oh.

San andreas. San andreas. And we have a winner..


There. It is so now not only do you have that movie. But the rock has been in a lot of other movies. Some good some leave it out of here as we scroll through here.

Now the option to watch his entire library. That crazy movie with jim carrey. Where he played no it was with cameron diaz. The mask.

Yes a mask. The mask. Three for three and of course. Everything.

Else that jim carrey has done or anything related to that or something. That has to do with a mask roll through find your favorite tv shows find your favorite movies. Find qvc. Now without cable.

What does that mean that means anytime you want to watch either. And it s qvc on demand right. It s qvc live and on demand. So did you miss josie.

No you did did you miss david. No you didn t or a gardening show or with carolyn or or step by step cooking. With stacy there you go or all three of our channels. So the main channel.

Which is what you re watching right now many of you hear about qvc. Too. But never get a chance to brag yeah. We need some questions here on facebook.

And some some calling questions okay about set up yeah. So i want to come back to what s on the table. And i want to just point out this is super. Easy yeah.

And a lot of you are thinking well. I don t want to bring this home here. If it requires a lot of crazy installation and all that business. Do you have high speed internet in your home.

Yes. Do you have a tv with an hdmi port. You did show them what an hdmi port looks like yeah. So this is essentially the same type of input that you would have on the back of your cable box or the cable.

That comes from a cable box or a blu ray player or a gaming system. This one little plug goes back into your television. And automatically lights up the world of amazon fire..


Now for those of you going well. It can t be that easy it takes about three minutes and the good news is step by step screen by screen will ask you to put in your amazon account put your password in then it will light up the screen that ll look very similar to what we have here then it s up to you guys to decide what you want to watch. And what will appear on the screen. It s now if i already have cable.

I can use this in addition to you absolutely i have a tv in the house. Where there is no cable. That s the yeah bang even better because now channels. Like hgtv or i don t know whatever to sundance amc whatever it might be or netflix or netflix or hulu.

Yeah listen if if a majority of your family watches all of those those channels netflix and hulu and stuff like that on tiny little screens right yeah how about putting the screens away and everybody watch the big screen watch it oh you bought the tv for a reason right you want a teenager. Bothering the screen. Because you have the family to have a great big family movie night and have a lot of fun together right yeah. This is what it s all about and you do this and a lot of this content is free others of it is a subscription based service well.

But it s important to know. There s so much here that you can enjoy like and this is called this. We call free dive imdb put this together everything i m about to show you in here is free every single one of these movies. Every single one of these tv shows every single title that s on here amazon goes and kinds of curates for you with imdb putting new stuff taking items away and adding new content.

So it s always changing. But for those of you that have a netflix account well now you can watch netflix on here for those of you that have hulu. You can watch hulu on here. But you also have all of that wasn t enough you have a fully functioning web browser meaning the computer laptop whatever it might be is now on your television.

So there s qvc as big as you could possibly get it now brett let s tell everybody yeah you and i were last on with this on valentine s day. Yes sold out completely february 14th back in stock tonight. A worth a thousand of these are gone now five easy payments on your credit card and free shipping and handling all you need is high speed internet and a tv with an hdmi port yeah and for those role yeah and for those of you who don t know what high speed internet is you already have it for those of you wondering will it fit in my tv. It will all right so you re asking i don t have a 4k tv can i use this not only can you use it.

But the next tv. You buy will be 4k by default so it s future proof. Meaning. You won t have to replace it amazon has put alexa inside your remote control to allow you to also search with your voice.

That s look for movies to look for tv. Shows and the new remote will allow you to turn the volume up and down on your tv. The new remote will allow you to power your tv on and off. Plus.

Now if you ve got amazon prime. You don t need it. But if you do hundreds and hundreds in fact. Thousands and thousands of free choices.

Hulu is available if you have hulu and netflix. And all the good stuff. I just showed you the web browser by the way. It s also a tiny little gaming system as well so anytime you get lost.

All you have to do is hit the home button. And when you hit the home button. It takes you to this world and your videos means if you ve got prime everything they show you here is free you re like the sopranos on hbo..


Well. Amazon said. We ll pay for that and they went they bought the rights to all the episodes on prime yeah. I ve got a whole host of titles.

I could watch it s insanity david not only all the stuff that they went and created for themselves meaning sneaky. People all the names. I bought and all the titles. They bought if you need your fix of van halen.

It s right there. If you want to go down and watch that marlo thomas o3. It s free that s crazy that is crazy and they continue to add new content constantly constantly putting new choices on here for you and again give me something give me a movie give me a tv show give me something more watch this weekend. Well i could watch this weekend.

Um scandal scandal scandal now for those of you though. Like well. How did he do that how am i searching how am. I using my voice you just use the microphone.

That s built in and it goes and it finds scandal there s scandal. The abc tv show that s no longer on the air. But there all the episodes right and for those of you saying. Well my dvr will do that well now it won t get to all this not only that you don t need a dvr anymore.

David because everything is on demand everything is sitting there waiting for you so that if it s nine o clock on tuesday. You want to watch. It or nine o clock on thursday or where the kids want to watch dumbo. Yeah.

There it is it s waiting for you right there now with the other shows that are in here yes. Some of its free or some of it cost money. But a lot of what s here is free now thanks to amazon and imdb reading all these shows you a question for you job julie on facebook. Wants to know do i have to have a smart tv for this to work no in fact.

This is going to be smarter than a smart tv. So for those of you that already have a smart tv. It will give you more content for those of you that don t have a smart tv. You have now have a brilliant tv and again being able to watch not only movies and tv shows but look at this kid movies by an actor tariq n.

Meryl streep. Meryl streep and there you go so now the post it s complicated hope springs postcards from the edge sophie s choice iron wit the devil wears prada. The lady all of it and that s wild out out of africa the ours probably the bridges of madison county are gonna pop up many more it s here kramer vs kramer she won the academy award for that it s nuts right before and after oh and the mary poppins return movie. The new disney flick.

That s so popular there you go they re all here. And all you need is high speed internet and an hdmi port. This is on easy pay tonight five of them free shipping and handling five hundred thousand choices bret hamilton thank you sir money. 21.

Yeah. It s wine time right or wind down ” ..

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