Amazon Unboxing (August 2018)

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“Guys now you can follow me on facebook just go to facebookcom. Slash ultra maximus maximus reviews. Hello youtube ultra maximus back with another unboxing and pickups video. Now it out about today and i picked some stuff up up for the little one and i found something over at gamestop and i ve got two a package from amazon.

So really quick here s what we got for the little one it s happy places a beach house. We get this for the upcoming holiday season. And yeah she s gonna really dig this this is one that she was lying it s the new beach series from happy places this retails for 1999. At walmart so it comes with touche petkins.

Yeah. There s the tool pipkins it comes with just a little kind of dollhouse. This also doubles for her lol houses. She really likes that a watt and then i also found some kids safe headphones from lol talk about lol s so she s really gonna dig that this retails for 495.

At walmart so this will go good with her name tendo switch again for the upcoming season. And then they also have the petkins for the beach house which i picked up three of these they ve like little jelly beers..

Which is interesting so get a little blue in they get two little purple. One right there and then they also have little pink ones. So those i make good stocking stuffers and then the big thing right now let s shop aside from the rainbow beach. That s kind of the happy places they also have little secrets.

Which is pretty much i think shopkins kind of ripping off polly pop cans are polly pockets and you get a teeny shoppi and a tiny shopkin in this little package. So there s that one they have four main ones. There s that one right there or main cases. I guess and then a little purple shoe.

Thing with a note and then kind of a royal looking little package. So it s kind of interesting and then they ve got these padlocks right here. And this is what really reminds me of the whole polly pockets. If you look at it you open the padlock up.

And it s got a whole world inside to play you got the teeny tiny shoppi and the tiny shopkin and it s i mean. It s a polly pockets first they ripped off hot wheels with the cutie cars and now..

It s a polly pocket. So i got that one as well and then they had this one i d already got her one of these i d already given it to her so this will be four there s actually what two four six total that you can collect and you got to put a little code in to open. It up and the code is actually on the back of this this thing right here so fyi if you get a nose for your kids. So that was pretty cute alright and then i was over at gamestop and i found this hahaha carnage.

I was excited from that i m putting the i m gonna go ahead and put the monster venom together. So now i just need the other three figures. I ve already reviewed spider ham and venom import grind so now i just need to get scream poison and typhoid mary. They didn t have any of those figures out of this line.

But they did have bishop and magneto and eckstrom three wolverine figure from the x men line for the apocalypse and i was close to picking up a couple of those. But yeah i went ahead and trying to save some money this week in just wait. But this guy up cuz. He was a must have for me and then and then we ve got this.

So. This is a present to me from me for my birthday..

So last week. Was my birthday night ordered this and it took forever for this to come in i ended up having to email amazon and say hey. What s going on here. And it s from as brave directly.

It s an amazon exclusive. So can tips see if you can guess before i open up. The comments down below and this was announced and it s hour of the primes awesome. It s nemesis prime.

So yeah. Mrs prime very very cool yeah i was looking getting the optimist and i was gonna pick him up and then they had the nemesis come out so i m very excited about that i ve got the you know cronus hot rod. Which is pretty awesome. And i love the good new.

Mrs. Private thing here so i went ahead and get this guy to go with and yeah..

I don t know if i ll get the actual optimus. But this guy is definitely very very cool looking cannot wait to review him probably won t be until sometime next week that actually came out being reviewed. But yeah definitely very very cool so there it is a whole bunch of shopkins and carnage definitely look for a review on this guy coming. Soon and look for review of nemesis.

Coming. Soon hey guys. Thanks for watching. If you like this video.

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