Asus Rog Scabbard Mouse Pad is it any good?

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“There it is the aces rogue scabbard. I m not gonna do is total unboxing. Unboxing. But look the mouse pads out already as you can see so you ve your aces.

Our republic of gamers logo there and up there you got a bit rogue thinking. Eating any here we go rogue scabbard. It s quite big writing it doesn t look too a pleasing to the eye. I wish they just had this logo here.

I move the camera over here and i wish. It was just a bit of smaller writing. A small logo. Sorry you also got the aircon dora fabric logo.

Dear. But that which says rogue scabbard at the back there. It s very big it s not very nice don t really bug me. But some people just probably tramp stamp.

You know a chumpy stampy. So a lot of people not gonna like it. But this is my second mass pad. The first one i got had a wave on this side here where usable mouse.

So basically when i would use my mouse i feel a little lumpy wavy area so i ll send it back and this is my second one to be honest with you it s a really really good mass pad..

But i m gonna tell you why you shouldn t buy in a second the glide is very good as you can see it s a really good luck glide it glides. Very very nicely like look at that it s very nice on that side that s why i ve been used it much right. But check this out when you go on this side look it starts getting a bit muddy right it stops your house stops right there you see that right you see how it goes there and after usage of let s say within a month. It s got a bit muddy right now but wait if you if you go here.

It s perfectly fine camera a bit more see if you look here. It s good on this side. What i use it it s brand new that s how it was when i first have it had it and over there it stops very quickly here you see that it s gone. Very very muddy and sticky in that area.

Which is it s alright. It s still got a fairly good glide compared to a normal mouse pad. So even though. It s got a bit muddy on this side.

Let me move the mouse over the camera over here so even though it s got a bit muddy here. It s gliding really really well yeah. It s gliding well but over here it s got muddy so not really happy about that. But compared to the qc quick.

It s a bit day now as you can see the still series you see heavy. I need to give it what this is muddy already say is when you get it it s always like this it s quite grippy. It s a really control surface compared that to this look. It s more glide ii.

This is very good for control and not too good for speed..

Where s the actual scat back there s a lot better for gliding a smooth and tracking your targets. It s really really good i really did enjoy this pad. But there s no problem i m gonna get to in a minute also the hyper fury. I think it s called the big extra long mass map you can see the logo up there this is the finger these pads they get really really day where the rob hasn t really got day and it leaves a white residue.

It s easily cleaned. You just use a white pen. It wipes off this is a bit better than the actual qc. It s a bit more a little bit more glide ii.

Not as bloody as the as the scabbard. But the thing is this doesn t lose this consistency. Whereas. The scabbard has lost his consistency on one side.

But it s still quicker than this yeah so this is it the thickness of this pad is two millimeter. The length is nine by for our believers. So it s nine long and four tall. But now here s the problem so other than i show you this.

But if you look here you start to bubble up. I don t actually consider you can you could probably see it now in the camera away. But you see that that s bubbling up. You see what is raising up from the actual backing of the the base so it s all gathering up there see it s not gonna get anywhere else you see it s just on that area there and reason why that is i have in my hand a like this so i grab my keyboard so i have my hand like this so when i m using the keyboard and after you ve used the the keyboard for a while your hand tends to like heat up and then sweat and that s wet and he kind of like does this to your mousepad.

It won t really happen on this side because you re always moving your mouse around it s you re not really stationary so when you use your me move my so when you use your mouse..

You re not really keeping it there for a long period of time you always moving your mouse button your keyboard size you tend to just keep your hand like this right most of the time. If you re playing games. You re gonna have a lot of this wasd. So it s gonna be like one position so due to the fact heat buildup sweat build up its i m not really a sweaty person eva so and i ll even in the cloud combat climate.

I m living in the uk so due to that fact that you re resting your hand. Here this is what s happened so i m really upset. But i m pissed because this is my second mass map. It s going back.

I m going to try the mp5 12. Sorry fire mp5 10 by cooler master. That s going to be my next mousepad so i m really sad that this is going back because i was getting along really well with it i mean i look lloyd is really very good even though it s got a bit muddy. The glide is really really good you know it s probably one of my favourite mouse pads.

I think it does favor mouses with bigger feet this has got smaller feet it does tend to get a little bit you can feel the i kind of a trip when you move the mouse. So if you re like playing something like pub g. And you re trying to like count up the recall. So you going down you feel it kind of like gripping and tracking kind of sticking kind of goes on rouse.

A bit. And you can t move it well. If you push down too hard. I push down hard lock.


When you got another mouse. Like say. Deer g7 or three. And it s got bigger feet or maybe.

Mass was bigger feet than that you don t feel it as much so i think this mouse pad is probably better for people use big of mass feet rather than a small mass feet. But yet. I said guys i mean. It s a really good mouse pad.

It s but the quality control is not there. The first one sent back the second one is you know cools that problem with the air bubbling and stuff. As you can see really disappointed. I ll go out to her kept it for longer you know because i was getting really used to it my my tracking on on targets.

Everything the movement. The feel the glide was absolutely absolutely fantastic compared to the qc and a high pass by it s going back cuties bad mp5 10s coming soon so if you guys if you liked this video give it a thumbs up if you didn t give it a thumbs down leave. The comments down below. And it s time to go now until next time.

I m not ” ..

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