Beats By Dre Wireless 1.0 Battery Replacement JoesGE

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“I was gone folks is joe with joe s gaming electronics. Today i m gonna gonna be showing you guys how to get your wireless 10. Beats battery replaced if guys have any questions about this repair you guys can always reach out to us here. We ll be able to help you guys out with any questions or concerns that s the wireless 10.

Beats as you can tell here. It s kind of a mix of a solo hd and a wireless solo to kind of within that same range. So we re gonna be able to replace the battery here and once we replace the battery. This will be an old function properly the battery is located on the right side of your headphones.

And it will be actually the right side is not where it s located that or left right side on this one specifically the unique thing about it is that audio jack is located on the right side rather than the left side and the battery is located on the left side with the charging port. Which is only unique to this specific model and no other beats pair. So we re gonna be replacing this real quick and that s a very simple repair. I m gonna show you guys how to do this one step at a time when i first removed this your pat.

I just put in your finger underneath here and prying. This ear pad out of place. They just attach them to four pegs. There is that for you now when i get a phillips screwdriver and an unscrew these four screws that are right here excellent now the speaker driver will come out of place you re gonna pry it open now there s just two wires.

Here we re gonna disconnect the wires. As you can tell here at the right side. If you re looking if i m looking at it right here that right side has the red water. The left side has the white wire got a soldered machine right here and get this and you solder these two points kind of over flu.

There we re gonna just pull these points away from each other to make sure they don t cross excellent. I got the driver over here now the real tricky part about this specific repair is these two lockers are in place..

And those are the reason. Why this isn t is in suicune for simple repair. We have to take these out of place in the net kind of go backwards. I m typically you just kind of go into the pcp and it pops out of place.

But these lockers are unique to this model because you have a tilt and an l tilt. So we re gonna remove these lockers. They re kind of just on a piece of a pen removal is the first one and you can tell. These lockers are not uniforms are dirt a little bit bigger on the inside than the outside order whichever way are you in it you gotta take the bigger end and put it on the inside and the smaller end on the outside.

So you ll be able to tell once you pull this out and apply your screwdriver in the middle. Just take it right out like that excellent now that you re there you can see that these are blue there s inside the lockers. We have these points. I m gonna push these points out and now allow us to pull this speaker housing out of place and that will allow us to access the battery so it s kind of different.

But it is nice for difficult after you get beyond this point. So we re gonna go with one side at a time placing it on the inside and push against it pop right out of place. There s a first one at the second one. We ll use come out of place.

And as you can tell we were pushing down into this to kind of push that out and now as you can tell here we have the battery with this battery. We re just gonna pull that out of place it s on adhesive so it s very simple to just pull it out. We re gonna just be very gentle with it use a pry tool and just pull this out of place. Excellent.

Now as you can tell here there are three points holding this in place. I m just going to quickly adjust this wire over here just so it gives us more access on the points..

And then we re gonna desolder these points looking for my left to right i have black red blue as the points okay remove these and i m just gonna kind of put a little bit of pressure on these wires to make sure they pop out of place. Very quickly perfect now that removed that battery. We re gonna go ahead and install the new battery and we got to make sure we do everything in reverse got a new battery gonna put it in place then we re just gonna hold these wires to the board. Apply.

Some heat. And that will allow us to get this soldered in place and go in the same order obviously happy for black red blue would be the appropriate color options right here and i separate these a little bit make sure they re gonna be sticking super. Important to make sure that we put them in the right place. Where else obviously you re not gonna get any power with these so something you want to make sure you re focusing on at the red one in place.

Now okay little one in place excellent want to do a quick test on this on the left side. You ll see not the left side that right side. Again geez yeah. Let s go on the right side right here.

I m gonna look at the power button or hold the power button. See this powers on you can tell the light is illuminated showing this battery. You need to be charged not a big deal i ll get on that but it did connect so we re gonna go ahead and trim this back off now. We know that that is in place.

We re good to go we re just gonna put the battery back in this place. First thing. We re gonna do is take this wire and shove it back exactly where we removed it from because we had to move it a little bit just to adjust. It i m gonna hold these wires in here and then flip this battery back into its place now that s in place.

If you want to add some heat to the adhesive to make a stick better feel free to do so. That s okay if not then that s that is not a problem as well and just make sure they use the original adhesive or the adhesive that comes on there either way you re gonna be heating and reusing perfect..

But now we got this speak your wire. We re gonna run this through here yeah and we have to just install this gonna be super difficult. But they kind of just go in reverse that s the biggest deal with this you re gonna pop it in place reverse go we were pushing out spread that push in this time. This one reason to connect just push right over the top of the plate in place stick.

A little bit of an effort which you won in at the time one locks perfect air is the first step second one should lock in place. Now it looks like both of them are locked. Now we re good to go. We had this laugh to write function of down function and without any wiggling that means we re doing the proper thing.

We are these lockers here you can go ahead and glue these back in place. I m gonna do that right now. It s a longer end longer and goes on the inside. And this apply some pressure to make sure that this thing.

Those what needs to go is going to lock that in place to make sure nothing falls out of place live. Just a little bit of superglue just to hold it in place great we got that accomplished that s excellent now all i have to do. Which is get this speaker soldered back in place once again. I m just going to do this reverse order and make sure the points go towards each other that way you know those points soldered on and now we re just gonna put the screws into the speaker housing looks like it just kind of falls into place there it s gonna apply these screws make sure the screws do not hop off your screwdriver and go into the driver cone if they do they will damage your driver and you re gonna be angry.

Then you have to send it into our repair center. We do repair all these headphones. It also sell the parts and parts you guys need for these headphones. We have them all and you guys can just reach out to us.

We re gonna have some links that will direct you to some parts as well as a phone number and email feed allah slowly. We re constantly adding more links to our parts as we re building out an inventory now we re gonna put the screw pad on there s a little bit tricky because you can tell these are not it s not really this these points are not exactly squared they re a little bit of an angle..

So you want to make sure that these will align with one another you can just kind of put it up at an angle. I m just fine those should match clip it in place and see that just does a job perfect that s all right. Folks there s your guys s repair on the wireless 10. You need the parts we have the parts if you need any repair service.

We have that as well you guys can check out our website jovi s ge. Comm or you guys can just google. Joes ge follow us on our social platforms. Facebook.

Instagram snapchat twitter. All that good stuff. We ll always have some fun stuff coming out and watch our vlog because we need to share our vision of our business. And what we do every single day and our vlogs you guys can check that out thanks.

So much for your time you guys have a wonderful day was awesome. We didn t do a lot of you know crazy stuff going on. But internally. We had a lot of things going on well we didn t notice actually.

It s because we ve been so busy and had so ” ..

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