Dark Souls: Beyond The Grave – Book Unboxing and Review

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“Everyone welcome back to jar dev today. I ve got a fun little unboxing review review video for you served editions publishing. Very kindly sent me my own copy of dark souls book that they released. So i ve got the package right down here we re just gonna unbox it quickly then i m gonna reread.

It and i ll do like a little review talk about it at the end alright. So we got the package here just cover in my my address. Oh. There you go so i ve got it still a little bit taped.

Are we gonna be able to get into it possibly not i get it got into it so it s dark souls beyond. The grave. Which is all about demon souls dark souls and dark souls. It looks really really nice it s hardcover.

It s got the little bookmark in it it s really cold because it s just come out of the mailbox. But it looks fantastic. I m so excited to read this so yeah thanks so much third editions for just sending this to me that s that s great. I m gonna read this on my trip to japan.

I think and i ll do a little video talking about it afterwards maybe even from japan whoo all right so. I finally finished reading the dark souls book took me a lot longer than i was expecting do you get to read any in japan. Whatever you don t need excuses finished reading it it was great long story short if you like dark souls. You will absolutely love this book.

Pretty much i ll go through kind of talk about chapter by chapter. Some of its strengths and weaknesses. But overall positive review for me thumbs up really impressed by it so as of right now. It s not available to order on amazon.

I guess you re gonna get it from bookstores or from 3rd editions publishing themselves 30 us. It s a it s a really beautiful book it s it s quality made got a really nice little bookmark in there it s hardcover 30 bucks for a hardcover book. It is it s 287 pages that seems pretty reasonable to me i don t buy a lot of books anymore i ke books. But i think that s a pretty decent deal so there s seven chapters in the book.

The chapters are on the creative process gameplay universe themes music decryption and legacy chapter. Three the universe section takes up about half the book and obviously that is it s the most interesting part of the book for me. It s all about the lore characters. It s got theories.

I wouldn t spoil any of the theories because they re really really cool. But there s some really really unique ones in here..

There s one about dark souls. 2. No spoilers. But the theory like kind of the the main thing in the theory is that vendrick from dark souls.

2 may have been somewhere in dark souls. 1. I don t know if it s the right theory. But it is really unique and it s it s really cool to think about those two practices in here.

One knows by vaati vidya. Who does amazing dark souls videos. So that was like an instant positive for me cuz. I loved his video.

So it was cool to kind of read some of his writing and bottie does say that when he received his copy he instantly flipped to chapter 3. Just to look at the universe. Chapter. Which is fair is like the main selling point of the book.

But having the first two chapters in there is really good we ll kind of go over those. But it s good to have kind of a base to build the third chapter off of i will say that like this book. It starts. Let s be on the grave.

It s about demon souls dark souls and dark souls 2. So having never played any demon souls. I played 15 minutes of it before i think just having played that having no knowledge of demon souls. Really the chapters and parts on demon souls were kind of dull to me i found it really hard to follow any of the lore stuff and they just didn t really capture my imagination that much having said that reading this book is actually what inspired me to start playing demon souls.

Which i m currently in the middle of playing and it s really fun and i m kind of appreciating parts of the lore and some of the dialogue in the game. So it was hard to get through the demon soul stuff. Without having played it. But still kind of interesting once you kind of work out the characters.

It s it s it kind of works like it gives a gives a brief overview of demon souls. But it definitely relies on players having played demon souls before so i assigned to bear in mind if you haven t played any dark souls. This will probably be a bit of a tough read especially all the lore stuff. But because i m very familiar with dark souls.

1 and dark souls. 2 lore so it was just great to read for me..

Even if you like just played the games and haven t looked into the lore. You should still be able to follow the lore. The universe chapter ok. So the first chapter is the creative process.

Which is really really interesting. It s kind of the back story of behind the creator s hitta taka miyazaki and also how from software came to be all the games. They made before demon souls like the kings gate series and the armored corps series. That was really interesting to read about and learn about you learn all kinds of really cool things in the creative process chapter like super.

Fun fact was that dark souls. 1. The soundtrack was recorded with a real live orchestra and dark souls. 2.

Was just all made by one kind of computer. The soundtrack for it that was just a cool little fact that you found out as a chapter 1. Really interesting. Now chapter.

2. Is a bit of a weird chapter. It s pretty questionable to have it in here to be honest. It s the gameplay chapter.

It basically just talks about how the games are played like all game mechanics and stuff like how blocking works and how fast travel works and stuff. Which since this book. Relies pretty heavily on people having played the games. Before or watched.

The games. It seems like you really didn t need the whole chapter. It is is pretty boring to read this chapter. Having played a lot of souls.

Didn t really need to learn about encounters with bosses for example so i guess that chapters kind of in there for people who haven t played the games. But honestly if you haven t played the games you re gonna struggle with the rest of the book so doesn t really seem that necessary to have that chapter in there and then chapter. 3. The best chapter in the book it starts with a little introduction to the chapter kind of dispelling.

The belief that dark souls doesn t have a story it talks about how all the souls games are fairly similar like it talks about the similarities between demon souls and dark souls and dark souls. Like the concept of time is repeated quite a lot between the games..

Then once we re done that we go into the segment on demon souls. Which starts with the backstory basically breaks down the opening cinematic then it gives kind of like a timeline of the demon souls games and the universe. Which it is probably one of the most interesting parts it s it drops a lot of names in this part of those so it s quite hard to keep track of that if you ve watched demon souls if you ve played demon souls you you should be able to follow it pretty well and then once it s gone through the main story it talks about locations in the game. And also the most important characters and that power actually makes up most of the demon s soul segments.

The same is true for the dark souls marks those two segments. It ll talk about they ll do a little intro to the game it ll talk about the overarching story and then i ll talk about locations and characters and i ve watched a ton of videos on dark souls lore and dark souls. 2. Lore and i always kind of mostly got it watching parties videos really helped.

But there were some parts. I didn t super get like age of gods age of fire and dark souls one age of dark. Didn t totally get what they meant after reading this book. I understand them perfectly now i m not gonna talk about them in here.

Read the book it ll be good. But this book definitely made it easier to understand a lot of the really complex parts of dark souls lore. So once we re done at chapter 3. If we go into the chapter on themes.

Which it is really cool it gives a lot of the background and influences of the souls series. So it talks about like what mythologies inspired dark souls all these ideas that pop up again and again in the games. Like time as i mentioned before then we have a whole chapter on music. Which was also really interesting.

The author does tend to disparage the dark souls. 2 soundtrack a bit and i really like the dark souls suit. 2. Soundtrack.

It doesn t sound as impressive especially. Once you do learn that it was all recorded on a computer instead of being with a live orchestra. That also makes you just really appreciate the dark souls. 1 soundtrack and then we get to another fairly questionable chapter chapter.

6. Decryption. Which doesn t really mean anything it goes a little bit rambling in this chapter. The author does talk for about two pages straight.

Just about horror games and resident evil. In particular they make a lot of very questionable comparisons like dark souls is a true survival horror game..

I can kind of see it. But it i wouldn t classify the survival horror. He talks about resident evil a lot he makes a lot of weird references like soul calibur. I don t think there was ever an intentional reference to soul calibur.

I could be wrong and now we come to the final chapter. Which is legacy. Which kind of talks about what the souls series has in turn inspired itself like what games have been inspired by is the soul series so all in all very positive review thumbs up whatever you want i really enjoyed it absolutely loved reading it dark souls. Is my absolute favorite game series of all time though dark souls.

3. Is my favorite game ever. I hope they do a part 2 of beyond the grave series. I d love to read about dark souls.

3. And also blood borne. So i don t have too much idea of blood borne. So hopefully they re making a part 2.

But if you re struggling to understand dark souls lore and you re interested in it. This is just the best way to get it all right in front of you you could watch every single one of these videos. Which i think i ve done i ve watched pretty much all of them and i still didn t quite get all the lore. This book you know the chapter.

It s a long ass chapter. It takes a long time to read it. But it s so worth it and it was so interesting to me so i heartily recommend dark souls beyond. The grave.

Thank you guys very much for watching make sure you leave a like and subscribe. If you enjoyed this go check the book out i don t get anything if you buy the book. Just. I m a fan of it and i d like to recommend it and i ll see you guys later bye.

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