Fallout 4 – Power (Tutorial)

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” s up youtube demon waffle here and i am coming at you with my first first fallout. 4. Vidya today we re going to be going over some basic power and we re gonna set up some light bulbs maybe like a fan just something to kind of get the idea of how it works when i first started playing and i was trying to figure out power. I really didn t understand how it worked so we re gonna definitely show you how to get some power running in this little hut that i made for for my crew you know my homies and i m just at those out here helpful tip helpful tip if there s melons behind this house right here.

Please harvest them and replant them because unlike you i was not fortunate enough to know that and i had to travel all around the world to find these little ridiculous looking totes tato plants. Tatto plants and that took forever is all you had to do is just harvest. These melons replant them it s required from like one of the missions sorry. If that s a spoiler.

It s not really a spoiler. So alright let s get this started so i to start using to start building or destroying anything in this whole area. You re going to want to hold v. Or you can walk up to a work a work station physically.

But obviously why would you do that when you can just hold v. We re gonna maneuver through this little menu here so you got power you got generators you got connectors and switches you got lights and then you have miscellaneous which is like an antenna weird terminals. You can you know write computer stuff things you re not going to need right away..


But they re there so you know later on but today. We re gonna be using these three. I m going to show off some basic stuff so i ve recorded this video like three times ready and i keep messing it up so i think i finally got it good so let me know. But the first time.

I did it i had no copper like none. So luckily i already have one of these built so i don t waste my copper let s see it s let s get this going i m gonna drop this sucker right here alright and yeah obviously you push you push to drop things in hopefully you kind of already know how to play the game physically enough. But if you don t well then sorry alright and now we re going to build a power pylon and what this does basically is in a general area it s gonna shoot out electricity so i m gonna build this and then i m gonna show you guys how it works oops you got used to that okay there all right so now this little guy is gonna shoot out general electricity and in this area. It s i don t know how it really works.

I guess maybe it goes on the ground and powers anything that s in this general area. So what we re going to do is we re going to oh we re going to open that back up and we re going to put some light bulbs and things in here. So i already built a few earlier like i said i messed this video quite a few times already so i m gonna toss. A light bulb here maybe there you go and then i m also gonna toss a light bulb right here and i m gonna put a fan why not put a fan right here so you can guys kind of you can kind of see how it works what everything s going alright.

So we got a few power needed items light bulb fan. We got the pylon so this is like i said. It s gonna be what s powering this whole area over here and then you have the generator now..


This is where i kind of got stuck obviously planning things that s not a big deal. I didn t really understand how to wire. Things. And i didn t understand that the pylon kind of just shot out a general amount of electricity.

But basically the wire things if you could just read unlike me for some reason. I don t know how to read all you do is push spacebar and then it gives you a little wire and with this wire. You can do obviously you can t shock people with it by hand. But you can put it on here alright spacebar to attach it and then boom.

This whole area is all wired up so you got the light bulb over there here and this fan here everything is on and functioning correctly. I just wanted to show you guys this video just so you guys kind of have an understanding like i said. I didn t really understand it at first and also i dropped the awesome melon tip. Because you know that s super.

Important other than that i hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you guys have any more fallout. 4..


Questions or anything any kind of questions let me know leave a comment. I can you know make more videos. If you guys are having figuring something out or maybe you know you have suggestions for videos. I could do i m probably gonna do some other basic ones like weapon.

Crafting and you know just some basic stuff. Maybe a maybe even a combat video. So you can kind of know how to use the fat system and things like that but for now hopefully. r survival.

Hi. This it s encode and you might need a magnifying glass to read it but it tells you exactly where and how to find boy without them. I m a fake that s it sir may i offer any of you inmates a plate of mush. I want roadblocks every junction for 50 kilometers.

I want rail blocks at every train station for 100 kilometers. Jimmy. I want 50 men and ten bloodhounds ready in five minutes you can t arrest him simply..


Because he s a bloody immigrant. Oh take your hands off my lobby boy. I ve been questioned by the authorities yes on one occasion. I was arrested and tortured by the rebel militia after the desert uprising.

Right well you know the drill then is it i thought you might be able to help me with a case. Any idea where i could find your poise pointed to me i would much prefer that the alternative every leap of civilization was built off the back of slaves replicants are the future. But i could only make so many i had the look and he has the key. I think i found it that s not possible if this gets out we ve bought ourselves a war you re a cop now at your job once things were simpler than what everyone won t ask you some questions what happened covered my tracks and scramble.

The records continue by who i know you re here you do not know what pain is yet you will learn this breaks. The world we have to go i m coming with you the future of the species is finally on earth. ” ..


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