Forgot your PSN Password? Solve it Now!

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“Guys. What is that this is mm welcome back to my channel. One of my my last videos that actually went viral with 1 billion views a lot of people on what to do if you guys forgot about your psn account password so in this video. I m going to be explaining you guys what to do if you guys forgot your psn password account anyways.

Without being said let s get into this video. So guys now you want to go over to your ps4 menu. And then you wanna go up here and go to settings and then you want to go to account management you click on sign in make sure you write all your the email you want to recover right here the email account i m gonna write mine after you write this you see at the bottom right here it says you have to click on triangle right you forgot your comm make sure you click on triangle and then just click on next so this is it after you ve done click on next..


You wanna go over to your pc or your phone. You wanna go to the email. I you you just clicked on you wanna go to the email and this is not actually forgot my password guys like actually forgot my password and i m gonna have to change right now so just click on ok and let s go over to my pc on my macbook so guys once you are in your macbook. This is the email you wanna.

See the places in email. Once you re in the playstation. Email..


You wanna go over to change password. Let s wait a minute and then you wanna actually put your details like date of your birth click on continue. So right now you want to change your password. So let me actually write my last password.

I m in my new password just write your new password so this is how you will cover your your password okay guys after i change my pants on the email. I came back to my ps4 in mind my peers in the playstation network. And i wrote down my new passwords and everything is cool just just write your new password and click on sign in okay as you can see guys a successful signing in my new account..


And it s right there everything i need to actually just confirm this all of this. So this is it guys. This is how you set your password on psn okay. This is it for this video make sure you get these leave a big thumbs up for more videos like this and subscribe on the.

Channel i m actually on 6000. Subscribers and i want to get to 10000. Subscribers..


In like in two months. So one so make sure you give actually subscribe for more videos and see there s the next one ” ..

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