God’s Story: Peter

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s story peter. So part of gods story is about a guy named peter. Peter.
And it goes like this peter. Who was also called simon lived in capernaum. He worked as a fisherman.
One day jesus came up and told him to go into deep water to fish. When peter obeyed jesus he caught so many fish that his boat began to sink peter fella jesus his feet with amazement. Then jesus said from now on you will be catching men basically.
Now that peter followed jesus. He could help other people follow jesus too after that peter and the disciples followed jesus everywhere. They got to see miracles hear about the kingdom of heaven.
And see what god was like by spending time with his son like one night. When the disciples left in a boat. Ahead of jesus later jesus joined them by walking out across the sea.
It was dark and stormy so the disciples thought he walked ghost jesus said. Its me peter actually stepped out of the boat to go to jesus. Which means he walked on top of the water.

who is simon peter father in the bible-0
who is simon peter father in the bible-0

But as soon as he saw the waves he got scared and started to sink jesus caught him. And said why did you doubt me see he wanted peter to trust him even when it made no sense. After all god is powerful and controls everything when jesus climbed into the boat.
The disciples worshiped. But some people did not believe jesus is gods son even after seeing his miracles or hearing about the amazing things he did in fact they got so mad. That jesus said.
Hes gods son that they had him arrested well even though peter followed jesus. While he wasnt perfect so. When he realized he could get in trouble just for following jesus he pretended.
He didnt even know him in one night. He told three different people that he didnt know jesus at all whats amazing is that jesus had told peter. He was going to deny him three times that means jesus knew peter would mess up and he loved him anyway and guess what jesus feels the same way about us.
He told peter to keep right on following him. And he did peter was there when jesus was killed. When he came back to life.
And when he rose straight up into the sky into heaven jesus gave peter and the other disciples. A special message before he left. He said.

who is simon peter father in the bible-1
who is simon peter father in the bible-1

The holy spirit will come upon you and give you power then you will tell everyone about me in jerusalem on all judea and samaria and everywhere in the world. Its actually a message for challah jesuss followers which means you and me anyway. Peter and the others were waiting for the holy spirit to gather in jerusalem when a sound like wind came from heaven flames landed on their heads then they were filled with the holy spirit who helps us do things we cant do by ourselves right away the holy spirit helped them do miracles more than 3000 people chose to follow jesus that day peter and the others who believed in jesus took care of each other and people in need every day new people.
Saw the way they loved each other and chose to follow jesus and be part of gods family. Too and no matter. What happened even when life got harder.
The disciples kept following jesus and because they bravely told. More and more people about jesus. We get to know about jesus and follow him today.
And thats the story of peters. So in case. You missed.
It heres a quick version peter was a fisherman he followed jesus he showed others how to follow jesus peter. Saw jesus was gods son jesus helped him walk on water peter messed up jesus loved him anyway. Peter kept following jesus and sharing him with others.
The holy spirit came lots of people started following jesus news of jesus spread. We can follow him today and thats a part of gods story. .

who is simon peter father in the bible-2
who is simon peter father in the bible-2

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