How Far Away Is The Moon?

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Crazies. Astronomical scales are so big they can often be difficult to imagine things like like planets are huge. But then the distances between them are even bigger so much in fact.
Its almost always impossible to show the sizes and distances to scale at the same time on top of that the human brain can sometimes resist the reality of these. Numbers the earth is a little under 25000. Miles around.
But standing on the. Ground you can only see a max of about 3. Miles which is 000001 of the earth surface that perspective makes the earth look flat.
Even though. It isnt theres photographic and video evidence. But lets step away from the earth to the next closest thing.
The moon. Were going to need some non scientists for this lets ask some people on the street as your attorney. Id recommend against this really youd have to get everyones written permission.
Its messy man hmmmm. Ive got it lets send interview clone to ask my parents. Ive got a basketball here.
And what i want you to imagine is that this is the earth ok ok so were scaling the earth down a little bit. And were imagining the earth is this basketball ok first question. How big do you think the moon is if this is the size of the earth you can show it with your hands or whatever i would say this big about that big ok.
What do you think dad a baseball baseball ok. Theres the moon. Oh so we were close close.
Its a little smaller than you thought. But thats ok a lot of people think that the moon is bigger than it actually is and thats ok alright just to clarify were using a basketball and a tennis ball as scale models. The earth has a diameter of about 7918 miles and a basketball has a diameter of about.
9 and a half. Inches thats a scale of 528. Million to.
1 the moon has a diameter of 2159 miles. Making it 367 times. Smaller than earth a tennis ball has a diameter of a little over 2 and a half inches a near perfect match to our scale ok back to my parents.
If this is the earth and this is the moon. How far away is the moon from the earth. Im going to say over here over there ok.
What do you think dad hmmm to the scale. Yeah yeah to the scale right about there yep. These are very typical answers from people who have never seen the numbers.
I cant wait to see their reactions to the truth maniacal laughter. You want to know how far away.

how much time does it take light to travel from the moon to the earth, a distance of 384000 km ?-0
how much time does it take light to travel from the moon to the earth, a distance of 384000 km ?-0

It actually is yes. 24. Feet are you ok so.
Where is that you got it uh huh good wow right about there wow. Its a lot farther away than it looks. It is 24 feet.
Because i know thats the closest thing to the earth so everything else is so much farther. The international space station. They say is floating up in the sky.
Right uh huh. Right about there seriously wow. This is why it took you know.
4 days to get to the moon. When they went on the apollo mission amazing. Its like way over there thats right people think the earth and the moon look like this when in reality.
They look like this i always make a point in my videos to draw the earth moon system to scale because its one of the few astronomical distances. I can actually do that with to put this in perspective. Though the distance from the center of the earth to the center of the moon is 30 earths surface to surface you can.
Fit. 295. Earths.
In between the earth. And the moon hey as long as you line them up on their side. You can fit all the other 7 planets in there together.
Its crazy we can actually measure how far away the moon is using the delay of a reflected laser. There are mirrors that nasa astronauts put on the moon to reflect a laser back to earth. And the round trip takes about 2 and half seconds.
Ok. So. The moon is a lot farther away than it looks.
But just for fun. Lets say the earth and the moon were this close. What would that look like in the sky for this we need something called angular size measured in degrees or radians rather than something like miles or meters.
Its the angle. The object takes up in your field of view for the real moon. Thats a little over half a degree.
The real moon doesnt take up much sky. But if it were closer say this close instead of looking normal like this it would look like this spanning almost 14 degrees in your field of view. Absolutely terrifying thankfully.
Its much farther than that. But lets take one more step away from the.

how much time does it take light to travel from the moon to the earth, a distance of 384000 km ?-1
how much time does it take light to travel from the moon to the earth, a distance of 384000 km ?-1

Earth the sun is over 864000 miles across and about 93 million miles away in our scale model that makes the sun 86 and half feet across which looks like this sitting on an american football field. Id like to remind you the earth is still a basketball on this scale thankfully. Its not this close to the sun to scale the distance between them is about 18.
Miles. The sun is barely visible and the basketball earth is far. Too small to see other stars are too far away to even place on this scale.
The universe is vast cold and empty. And we are so small and insignificant. The only hope we ever have of being important is to other people so did this video leave you in a pit of despair or does it motivate you to be less of jerk.
Id like to know in the comments. Thanks for liking and sharing this video dont forget to subscribe. If youd like to keep up with us and until next time remember.
Its ok to be a little crazy in the last video. We took a small look at light inside materials comment response time a thrasher and others pointed out that my answer. Lacked.
The detail that you would usually find in a science asylum video. And honestly i dont disagree with you. But there are a few things going on here.
I should clarify one the video was originally longer. But i cut a few sections out at the last minute. I did this mainly because i suck at animating wave interference and i just couldnt animate those sections.
There are more details about that in my most recent vlog two i purposefully left out a discussion about group vs phase velocity lukas fires brought it up in a comment thread if youre interested i just felt like it was going to over complicate. The conversation light waves inside materials are unimaginably complicated. I tried to simplify things a little by having only two atoms in the picture you get light.
Wherever. The wave fronts overlap in hindsight. It might have been over simplified and three the video wasnt about why it slows down the title was does light slow down in glass.
It was never meant to go into any real depth as krishna coc pointed out i was trying to connect it to the video before it about math and language that being said you clearly prefer more detailed videos since thats something that separates this channel from other science channels. I will keep that in mind moving forward navrit kaur asked about how the refractive index factors into all this wave interference is really complicated so wed like to avoid it if at all possible. The refractive index is our way to do that theoretically.
It contains a bunch of information mainly how far apart the atoms are how well their electron clouds respond to the light and what the wavelength of the light is yes the refractive index does slightly depend on wavelength thats why you can get things like rainbows anyway. The delay between when the original light passes through an atom and when that atom sends out its own light can affect how those waves combine inside the glass like i said. Its super complicated ibrahim went to the dark place and brought up quantum mechanics.
Theoretically speaking. The photon takes all possible paths simultaneously allowing it to have wave interference with itself. What i also purposefully avoided this because if you intend on using quantum mechanics to explain something you better be prepared to interpret quantum mechanics.
I was not and im not sure any of you would have been either alright crazies. Youre all amazing and thanks again to all my patrons on patreon youre making. This mad scientists crazy life.
A little more manageable. See you all next time and thanks for watching. .

how much time does it take light to travel from the moon to the earth, a distance of 384000 km ?-2
how much time does it take light to travel from the moon to the earth, a distance of 384000 km ?-2

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