How To Get Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!

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So the weather trio up next in the list and of course. You cantnt have one without the other two cale gurr groudon red quasar. Another chair.
You probably gonna have another issue with seeing this groudon and kyogre are exclusive to ultra sun. And ultramoon respectively. You wont be able to lock request.
Unless you have the other two so if you transfer one from another game. Ill suggest you do so when inside the ultra wormhole youre gonna want to look for a yellow legend. A wormhole for groudon.
An ultra sun and a blue wormhole for kyogre and ultramoon groudon shares the encounter pool with the reggies heat train and kyogre with the lake spirits lugia and latias after obtaining both of these legendary pokemon you want to look for a quasar next in a red wormhole. And it is a flying type pok mon thats where most of them reside now his encounter pool consist of the legendary birds. Hello.
An ultra sun cresselia the genies and yveltal an ultra moon be sure to say before entering battle with these pokemons. So if youre signing hunting. Youll be able to saw free set and not have to look for them over again all right so groudon.
I have you now its time to go looking for a blue wormhole for kyogre. So lets go do that right now. This was gonna take forever cuz last time.
Id look for like a blue wormhole. It like it man it takes forever. So im probably gonna be here for a good grip.
And then youll find rayquaza. O dog. Its gonna be within once yall.
Its time.

how to get rayquaza in pokemon ultra sun-0
how to get rayquaza in pokemon ultra sun-0

Here. We are there we go not bad. That was actually decent that was like my third fourth try going into the wormhole that was not bad.
Im actually really i was you know i found more shiny pokemon. Playing this game of anything there we go look at that there you go. Okay.
Lets go get it. This is dope. Oh.
Man oh. Man. No its really good time.
There. We go now. Its time for our weathers to class class.
Collide whoo. What did i say jizz now okay so now i think. This is a good spot to pretty much hmm.
This is very weird put me in a very unfortunate situation. I think i think if this is a good spot to kind of just like switch out really pique come out dog youre my trusty steed for these legendary videos and im saying that because you carry the hell out of me im just saying you really do i want you guys to know he actually origin pose whoa chill. Here dog chill.
Before you kill me. Chill. Out.

how to get rayquaza in pokemon ultra sun-1
how to get rayquaza in pokemon ultra sun-1

My goodness so were doing jesus. I was not ready for all of that can you like calm down for a little bit of flash getting this thing really quick just so its not because its not very effective. Our flash cannon it so smooth at most damage anyway.
Nice being my eyes being why i usually uses origin post. Me youre gonna have to kill pk. This is actually insane.
Ive never seen there has not been one legend out right. Now that has like almost destroyed pk. The way you did this is actually insane.
This is like history in the making right now my brother you feel me so youre not really that bulky anymore. I know youre not so i think calling this one curly a goodbye for me goodbye. Goodbye.
Me all right so now i only have one way to make this work. I only have one way to make this work. I dont have one way to make this work.
And i might have to just go ahead and i dont know im gonna have to do im gonna start throwing balls this thing right now because if i dont then im probably gonna get screwed. Im not gonna lie to you if not ultra balls maybe a net ball. Really im gonna have to net balls.
Though lets try it lets lets try the net boss. Lets try the net boss. Youre not gonna lay.
No. I mean the granite here is a wow. What often the same wait wait.
I was gonna say like wait dan how you avoid the attack.

how to get rayquaza in pokemon ultra sun-2
how to get rayquaza in pokemon ultra sun-2

Damn alright so how this is gonna work im gonna throw two more pokeballs and then if i have to i gotta throw the master ball at it thats how this is gonna work that is how this is gonna work one two there you go okay. Thats my thats my to call mine call my origin post ice beam probably as thunder as well most likely a thunder. Thats insane we got one more time doc you got one more time to not go in this damn pokeball before this massive.
Ill come through cuz when they come through its coming through theres just no way yeah i caught it yo yo. What yo yo. You know like what 34th try now thats dope that is really dust and now they actually actually go ahead and try to catch the quays in now so let me go ahead.
And its not lets not nickname you right now cuz not hell give her a quasar and hes gonna be a chore and a half to find there is no way. Theres just no way you know what theres just no way. I was looking for a legendary wormhole.
Theres just absolutely no way that is thats a requisite theres just absolutely no way. Theres no way wow. Really that is what were doing huh dog.
If he has dragging the scent and im gonna really be screwed. If he has dragging a scent real talk. I was looking for a whole regular.
Oh he has dragon dance. Though theres just no way this thing is just wrong. Oh.
My goodness. My man is waiting to kill me he is ready yeah use dragon pulse okay you did all that for nothing huh very good here how would i even be able to do all of this stuff is my question so lets go for the flash cannon. Same as damage.
Thats gonna do and if it has way too much its gonna have to chug at the master ball that it dog. It theres just no way that did that theres just no way i did that much damage if we put him in the exact same position. I needed him to be in thats crazy all right charlie.
Other the under the dealer.

how to get rayquaza in pokemon ultra sun-3
how to get rayquaza in pokemon ultra sun-3

So hes master ball is this thing. I said we can do right now master balls. Hes ultra balls might be say we can do in here.
One bro. Awesome to say wait a minute calm down. She level 100 pokemons like fall swag.
But do this a lot of justice. I know this would well i dont even think level 100. Would do is damage.
I think i could go for like 180 speeding like a lot i worse. But that was just catch this thing already like two shakes one two three. Oh.
My god i might catch him there are times. Its time though oh goddamn you know all that just to not be able to get into the ball huh come on lets get in the ball requisite trust. Me one two three thank you oh my god we caught him.
We caught him that was yo third times the charm for real you kidding me that was crazy that was actually really dope that was really really dumb. I actually am happy that we got that yo. Yeah.
Im excited yo yo. You kidding me yo hold on here. Im gonna put you down.
Here. Now and there you go there goes. The grout on the kyogre and there a quasar and thats how you catch them not bad it really does show like who the yeah.
Where the stats are at. But there you go there you have it wow that was actually dope. But with that being said hopefully.
This is helpful for you guys if nothing i apologized like comment subscribe. If you guys are new and this was helpful i appreciate you so much ill talk to you guys in the next pokemon video bye music .

how to get rayquaza in pokemon ultra sun-4
how to get rayquaza in pokemon ultra sun-4

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