How To Give A Bearded Dragon A Bath The Right Way !!! Tips And Tricks

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My goodness really wilbert the sun. Were gonna start the video. Dont look look at me like that oh whats up lords and ladies welcome back to video on this channel.
So you might be wondering why am. I starting this video with wilbur and not with my beautiful face. But basically today.
We are going to make a video on how to give a bearded dragon. A proper bath. Now believe it or not this is actually a video.
This is actually a video that ive been wanting to make because a lot of you guys have been asking me. Why is it that my bearded dragon. Does not like taking baths and some of you guys might be looking at my bearded dragon videos and see how much my tier.
Two dragons actually enjoy the bath. So i figured i would make a video basically highlight in what to do so we have my sink. Where i basically give my bearded dragons a bath.
We got wilbur here that is gonna be the model look at that boy oh man. So with that being said. Lets just get started with this video.
Lets go right now we have wilbur so i figured you know it will probably be the right thing and a right move to do this properly. So today. We gotta zoom into wilbur baby.
Look at those. Nice. Lips.
Youve been working out havent you yeah. Yeah. Man look at that oh.
He got the curls for the girls seriously woman.

how to give a bearded dragon a bath-0
how to give a bearded dragon a bath-0

Doesnt look like he hes been on hitting the gym lately look at that okay so we have wilbur here. And he kind of sees himself in the reflection. And its like damn and im looking hella fine.
But he is basically going to be the bearded dragon that im gonna if he would calm down wilbur calm down man what you so crazy alright. So the very first thing when it comes to giving a bearded dragon. A bath is that you want to make them feel comfortable now this might be a challenge because wilbur is a crazy bearded dragon.
And this is the main reason why i chose him as you can see hes very active and he actually wants to go inside of the bat wilbur okay okay you know what like can we but all right yep just go in there and dip your head all the way in there my goodness like you really dumped your head in there like dude. You wont be able to breathe like hes really in there like holy snot this guy was hung like he was thirsty thirsty. But as you can see hes really comfortable in here and thats the main goal.
When it comes to giving your bearded dragon. A bath. You want to make it make sure that youre youre nice and chill with him.
And you know youre not putting him in a situation. Where he feels stressed out and what i like to do as you could see theres a towel here just in case he wants to get out he could basically walk out on his own come on you gotta do it come on man okay. No hes not but right now.
Hes just chillin. Hes basically just gonna be swimming around bearded dragons really do make the baths. But i noticed that some of you guys have problems with this so i figured how to make this video you guys.
Hello bert. Hes like what the hell so give this video a thumbs up because this video is basically giving wilbur a bath. So the school entire video is just wilbur.
So i know you guys really like him. So. Give this video.
A thumbs up. Yeah. Now something that you would also want to include when it comes to giving them a bath is make sure that you have the proper temperatures.
As you can see i have this temperature gun here that wilbur wants to eat wilbert are you hungry like what is this.

how to give a bearded dragon a bath-1
how to give a bearded dragon a bath-1

But if youd notice my temperatures or the water is sitting about 8686. I like it to be 90. So what i would do is add a little bit of hot water like so and then if you check.
Its basically rising up and this comes in handy when youre basically dealing with bearded dragons on your your ambient temperature is a little bit colder so if you check in here. Its actually 67 holy sabbaths cold in here. So its a lot colder inside of the washroom.
But for him. Its nice and warm in there. So that is a very important thing you know especially because a bearded dragon comes from a really hot environment inside of their tank.
The last thing you want to do is basically give them they really cold baths that they dont you know like and theyll start freaking out as you can see hes nice and chill. He actually likes it hes gonna be like swimming around with you through 360 dude. Wow.
Cool it cool man now something else that ive noticed a lot of keepers. Do you know may be incorrect or they may not really notice that theyre doing is basically giving them a bath in too much water. So as you can see here.
The water is almost about an inch high. Obviously. My bearded dragons have kind of enjoyed the bath.
More and more so i have increased the water level where they could basically swim around before a dragon that doesnt really like water. I would not give them a bath in a really deep i hope i can deliver okay. But i would not give them a bath in deep water.
And what i like to do is basically have my hand in here and let him rest on my hands. So he feel safe from time to time. Hell probably climb up it.
And its also a great way to bond with them. No another great way to bond with a bearded dragon is actually to and is to actually let him come into the water. So as he could see right now wilber is chilean over there.
I dont really know how well hes gonna come inside of the water.

how to give a bearded dragon a bath-2
how to give a bearded dragon a bath-2

But lets see i kind of trained him to kind of come in the water on his own come on wilbur. My goodness okay hes like this is my bath time come on wilbur. But as you can see i am not forcing him to come inside of the water.
Im kind of letting him go on its own. But at the same time this takes time that takes patience so its something that you might want to do from time to time. Giving them a bath.
Just let them go inside on their own and it does work well that if you have a pretty big sink that you could do this with if youre giving them a bath in a tub or something. That you know you could put away. It might be a little bit more of a challenge.
Maybe you have to build a ramp. There you go. He basically went inside of the walk on his own and from there are just you know kind of get him to calm down that way hes not stressing out and freaking out and the water is still warm and as you could see the water level is not high as well so from there i just go and basically give him a nice little bath.
Yeah now another question. Ive been getting is what do i use to basically give my bearded dragons. A bath this right here happens to be dragon wash.
It is a lavender scented soap. And this right here you could actually purchase it online. Ill put the link in the description on the website that you want to if you want to purchase this but i like using this mostly because it is a unnatural ingredient soap that you could use on your dragon without issue.
However this is not meant for baths. Its mostly meant for cleaning and scraping off any type of debris that the dragon might have so you dont want to dump this all inside of the bath and and basically make a bubble bath type of way so i do like this product. Ive been using it for quite some time.
I also did a review on this do you guys want to check it out as well. But you know if you guys do purchase this you know something my little emo being like you know murdered land sent me here. That way theyre like who is lord alive.
And why is he promoting our things for free we need to sponsor this dude. But not seriously my parrot dragons actually smells so much better when i use this and of course. What i do is get this like scrub put a little bit on this i need a new scrub.
But i basically put a little bit on this and i just go in there.

how to give a bearded dragon a bath-3
how to give a bearded dragon a bath-3

And i scrape them take any debris off of them i might even use a toothbrush. So you know if you have a brother that you dont like or if you have like you know your ex girlfriends tooth brushing in the shower or whatever you have it you might want to use it okay. This is actually not but no seriously if you have something but using a brush or some sort of you know toothbrush or something to get them clean always works so another question that i get is how often do i give.
My bearded dragons. A bath. Now really it depends on the dragon.
As you can see wilbert. Hes a little bit much older so i would be giving a dragon that is a juvenile to a adult about a bath three times a week sometimes every other day depending on you know the dragon like i said some dragons require a little bit more attention especially when it comes to the bath. But lets say for a hatchling.
So if youve got a baby baby. Then i would recommend you guys. Giving them almost daily baths that way they could stay hydrated and you know clean as well so wilbert over here i think hes done with the bat.
Hes a little bit too relaxed where he you know hes a little bit tired as well as you know him running in and out of the bath does tire him also in a good way like if you really think about it since wilbert is a little bit of a hyper crazy bearded dragon it does help him tame down a bit especially when it comes to wanting to handle him without him kohi crazy as he comes to the camera. And whats good little bird. Yes.
You see your reflection. So definitely you know giving a bearded dragon. A bath.
Theres a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it you dont want to stress out the dragon. Where theyre freaking out and they basically hate the back you kind of want to make it in a way where they rely on the bath to you know get clean to kind of relax you know that you want to let the dragon have a good experience. When it comes to the bath.
Otherwise theyre gonna be traumatized and hate it and always hate it and theyre gonna be freaking out like as if they were a cat in water. So hopefully. This video has helped some of you guys who have a question when it comes to giving a bearded dragon a bath.
You know. This is like kind of a quick video that i thought i would throw together and post. It and share with you guys so if you have any more questions definitely hit me up on either instagram or in the comment section down below.
But with that being said im lord and lion keep the blood pumping. This is wilbert and ill see you guys in my next video. Hes just gonna use wilbur as a transition shot yeah so here it goes you gotta hit that notification haitian get that notification haitian hit that notification button baby you gotta hit that notification patient it then notification .

how to give a bearded dragon a bath-4
how to give a bearded dragon a bath-4

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