How to use an Xbox controller with GBA emulator VBA!! Tutorial

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“Right real quick first thing. I want to do is start the controller can you you see it yeah we can see it start it okay cool all right i gonna pull up the emulator bow. Oh sure it s switch screens hold up let me put it back to my original screen. There you go all right actually.

I m gonna close. It real quick so i make it fullscreen all right so we go to options joypad configure. Number. One.


I think you ve got to put default. Shortcut at one two before you do this so put default at one. So configure one first one right here mine are already setup. But all you really got to do is gonna come up and as long as your controllers on its gonna track it i guess.

It s gonna notice it so all you got to do is press for the first option. It says up so you just press joy or you can use the d pad. But i use detroit head. Because why not so you press up and as you can see it ll go to the next slide.


And then down make sure i do left right right. And then button a. I just used a hey. Then the rest of them be and then l r.

I ll just use the shoulder buttons. The bumpers and so our select this back and started to start and the speed. I just put left trigger you don t even have to put that button. But click okay and you can play again boy that s getting sort of a controller xbox controller.


It ll probably work for playstation controller. I m not sure should work for xbox. One controllers. Assuming you have the equipment to connect it to your pc.

And now you can play your favorite game boy advance games. Mine. Is kingdom hearts chain of memories. The great game yeah.


It just is there s nothing to say about it fucking amazing. I like smacking niggas with keys. So this is a game. But i get to do that here and yeah and i just showed you how to do that to you you you too as well can smack niggas with cheese in your favorite game boy game of choice or whatever you do you know.

And it s all fine and dandy and it s good and it s fun and that s all i had to show to you for today. I can t speak. But um i m about to get the fuck out of here stiff corn deuces stove it fuck out of here bitch ” ..


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