How To Use Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops Review

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“There guys how s it going. And what we re going to talk about today today is the refresh. Plus lubricant eyedrops. Now.

I have always had like issue with dry eyes like during like say the fall or the winter. You know a lot of times. The wind will start kicking up. And you know it just makes it when it s really windy and it makes the air kind of dry you know the one really dries out everything.

And it just makes your eyes kind of feel scratchy and dry. I ve always had an issue with that like ever since i was in high school and always you know it caused my eyes to be red. And you know and made it so you just didn t want to go outside..


Sometimes because it would be so just make your eyes really dry so i would use drops and i ve used various kinds you know and i found the refresh. Plus. And what you would do is in this box comes about thirty of these and all you do is the chemical is inside here this part here. And all you do is twist off this cap.

Here you twist this off and then you get like just a tip right here. And then you will turn this over onto your eye. And right above your eye. And just put a few drops like you know about maybe two or three drops in there you know or you can use sometimes if it s not too bad you can just put one.

But i put two to three drops in there and voila your quickly it works you feel lubricated your eyes feel like refreshed again you know it lasts for a while you won t have to use this again for at least about maybe. I think i went up probably about maybe five hours. Then i had to put some more it works very well it keeps them nice and lubricated in the dryness is just you know gone after that really good this brand..


Actually this kind has been around for quite a while i ve used it probably for probably like three years. Yeah. And it s for mild and moderate dry eyes also one thing to know is if you wear contact lenses. And you have the dry eye issue you d want to use this in your eyes.

Before you put your contacts and okay. It s just better to use it with your contacts in it at the same time is just not good. It s it it well you won t get the same effect. It s just better.

It s just better to take your contacts out put these drops in or before you even put your contacts in in the morning or whatever. And then when you take your contacts out put the drops in and then you know let it take effect and then put your contacts in that s the the best and safest way to use this if you wear contacts. Yeah..


I know i mean i know a lot of people have an issue with dry eye especially in areas where i live i mean it gets really dry sometimes i mean if you re in an area where the humidity is you know you really don t really have that kind of problem where it s very windy just dry. Sometimes you know without even the wind you get you know problems. I mean. It s also good if you have like sometimes during the spring you know wind blows and you get pollen and stuff in your eyes and your eyes start to itch.

You know because of you know just stuff in the air. This helps with that too yeah. This is very good. I got turned on to it by a sister who actually started using it on her own and she suggested that i use it because there was one evening.

Where one of my eyes just one was itchy and dry and i really needed to actually use something and it was really bothering me. She suggested that and i tried it right then there. And it worked it really did and i ve been using it ever since i used a different kind before and i didn t have it with me..


But i found that this one worked better than the one i was using yeah. It works very well and i like it a lot i m glad my sister turned me on to it and you ve been using it ever since i don t have to use it all the time. But when it does kick up the wind and everything you know and my eyes get dry. I use this probably maybe twice maybe twice or three times a month.

All right well we ve been talking about the refresh. Plus lubricant eyedrops hope you guys use this information. And i ll see you again next time all right bye bye. ” .


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