How to ventilate a bathroom with no windows

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And stewart back again here and im back another one of my videos to to help you understand how to combat the scourge of modern day living. Which is and mold today. Im going to do a demonstration about how to get rid of condensation and modeling bathrooms in your house.
That dont have an exterior wall. So it might be your internal ensuite bathroom or from a master bedroom or something like that i think you know what i mean so were talking about extracts of fans and have to push air along long lengths of ducting to get them to get the moisture out to atmosphere. Now the biggest problem with this is that generally what people will do is just go on by a standard four inch extractor fan.
Something like this for example. Now this what we call an axial fan has a little propeller in the side. A little bit like a propeller engine.
And this kind of thing that you normally fit to an external wall in the bathroom to try and get the moisture out so im just going to demonstrate today how this performs on a long length of ducting now. Ive got two different types of ducks here. Ive got a round wedging duct and ive got flexi notes and both of these ducks will set up back pressure.
Which will reduce the performance of the family.

how to vent a bathroom with no outside access-0
how to vent a bathroom with no outside access-0

We should put it on the ducks. So what youre looking for on the rig test is that that white puck at the bottom will move up the tube as you can see ive got the duct on the fan now and its not moving at all there you go. Thats bad number one.
An axial fan. Thanks your fans are only really appropriate for bathrooms with external walls. So what to do if you have a bathroom with no.
External walls and it may be a couple of meters away to the external wall. So. What you need is a dot possibly running through your loft space.
Now as you can see here. Ive got a round rigid dot now environment. We prefer if we possibly can to install all of our ventilation equipment with round rigid ducting and thats because air travels in a nice helix.
A corkscrew shape down the done the tube and doesnt have as much resistance against it whereas.

how to vent a bathroom with no outside access-1
how to vent a bathroom with no outside access-1

If you find this kind of ducts in flexi ducting. All the ridges that you see here mean that the air bounces around a bit more so it creates a little bit more pressure back pressure a bit more resistance to the traveling air. So it just makes it a little bit more difficult for that end to go out.
Now. The fact that im going to introduce you to do to today is one of our latest innovations. This is the eco dme video and as you can see its a handsome looking fan.
Its a very quiet fan. Its also a centrifugal fan. Im just going to say one thing here this is a bit technical for any of you people out.
There that are interested in the property world. This is a trickle and boost fan which means it gives you lots of points in sap now to anyone else. Who hasnt heard of those things sap is something that booze is out of the tree.
But those of you that are in the property world.

how to vent a bathroom with no outside access-2
how to vent a bathroom with no outside access-2

You know exactly what static ratings are and this gives you lots of points in sap. So here im back to the demonstration. So imagine youve got an internal bathroom with no external walls and youve got great big long lengths of dots.
The great thing about this fan is its intelligent so it actually works out how much pressure. Its working against from this tubing. And it will actually send a little message to the board to speed the fan up so that youre getting exactly the duty that you need to get moisture out of your bathroom.
Okay so im going to stick this on and what youll notice is therell be a small delay before the puck starts to move up the tube. When we go so there you have it what happened now is and i mean im a long way away. I can increase the pressure in here by making kinks.
And what will happen is that this bomb will respond. It will respond to the back pressure and speeds up so that it gets the pop all the way up to the top of the tube. So there you have it a centrifugal fan is definitely answer to getting moisture out an internal bathroom.
But something thats intelligent so that it works out how much pressure is really the new innovation in trickle and boost fans thats the eco deal movie. .

how to vent a bathroom with no outside access-3
how to vent a bathroom with no outside access-3

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