How to Win $25,000 or more in Pick 4 Lottery Secret Formula!

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“Let s start the video. It seems to be a very disappointing day for a a lot of people because either they missed the number or they didn t file on how to play the numbers. Remember you have to play the set not only the rep numbers. You have to play the set must be played and the red and blue number can be played by playing going big after you play a set you cannot play a rep.

Number without playing a set i ll always remember that so you re gonna go pick or a number go pick on red or boone or but a set must be played before you go pick on your red or blue numbers. It s a disappointing day for me because there is also it came close to hitting straight hit with with five dollars straight on a pick for number so the system. The rest is the right number system did almost hit 25000. It came close.

But by an inch that s how close it is but first let s get started. I revealed the result for illinois. After post. A video last night for the for the prediction for illinois.

That s the number that s coming for illinois. And the the first pete donate to my channel. Subscribe share. And like my video also donation are welcomed by sending to google wallet and also remember follow me on folk and also email me and you have any question regarding.

My video on my email on my system email me for any prediction and please do use the closed captioning on this video. I always remember my email address is hided in blue just email. Me and remember nothing is guaranteed nothing ever be but always trust yourself. And remember to eat sleep.

Play cash ticket. Eat sleep play. Cash ticket also and these are top 10. New york.


Numbers. So it was the mithya number was two to four nine nine four two two that king so five four. I have five four two two also for midday because this was on the mitten list five four two two so somehow it caught me by surprise and play five four two two and i don t remember the five four two two on the list because i didn t save a copy off the list. So somehow i did play five four two two what a coincidence because i remember a double two on these top ten lists and what happened nine four two two came so i ve missed it by one straight.

I didn t play five five four. I played five four two not five four so i miss it by one straight. So that came close my my number system came close that s why i play and it matches his number somehow so i play at that number because i remember the double and one five six six the two for two two for two which hat to have happen to came out in new york nighttime. Almost came off on midday also and going down to top four.

The three nine three to remember three nine three. I talked about the nine hat to go on the double so it went on a double today. So i was going either focus on than three nine three two order nine or the four the five four two two seven four five four two two so so that means the double two that came i ve missed it by ain t remeber that top ten list. Almost came true even though it came on this order you can still play that number in a different order.

That s why i do the hot number. I played hot number apple. I played it in a different order because i don t think these hot number will come out the same way and and number two and number one so the the 542 came close on the top ten lists of hitting again and i did at first i did iii think i did think about the digit nine. But i stopped thinking about the digit 9.

And here is the result let s look at the result okay. I m going to get it up the you see i m going to show you and let s look at the result and here s the result now let s go to the for the evening. No speak for it for the evening. But from midday yesterday to evening the streak came and then from evening to midday.

It s treated again and someone tweeted last week. The 42 had streak three draws so as you can see after the four to streak. Three draws the four to stop squeaking. So the so the only idea here.


The only idea here was to find the streak. Also as you can see it went from 2 4. To a double for a double for to a double to so the four to had stick so after we land the double for the two might turn into a double. So after that the only idea is either a triple 2 or triple for for the next time.

And it didn t seem to street for the evening. So the streak stopped it so. But what didn t stop is the digit 2. Didn t stop did you a streak four times in a row.

So tomorrow if the to shriek in my turn into example 2 or double again and we seem to caught us by surprise that the digit 9 had haunted me because the digit 9. I had in mind the first time. I was gonna either play the 9 to 2 or the 5 to 2. So i went with a 5 2.

Because that was on hotlist somehow. I shall play both and here s a result. It s a sunday january 20th 9. 50.

So i play in the morning 9 50 and 5 4 2. I play a four dollar and fifty cents traits and 942 team missed by inch that s a lot of times i missed it again that s unbelievable and this is the receipt. But here is original. I got four or five to two midday five four two two one time five four two two two times five foot.

Two to three times x. Is 50 cents. Two point five times five four two to four times three point five times and five for two to four point five times. So that would be over twenty thousand.


If it came so it missed it by one so i thought i would i thought i had two in a row and coincident. I also got box two two four five missed by one also and two two three four misses by one also and two two nine zero mister by one also i also got two two eight nine all those missed by one that s unbelievable. The nine hat on to me so. But we know that system works and almost came true again today this time is straight wind and like i said.

The 502. Two was a rep. Number on my system. And almost came out just like the illinois midday.

Number today almost came today. But i will review the illinois list or a different video. So be sure to watch that see which set hit on the illinois in this so if you want to win please email. Me and i ll send you the rat number system that system is very very good and all you do is follow that system and you want to hit your the box or straight hit and remember it s all about that list you gotta play for a week.

And that week. You don t have to play every single draw you look at the past draw. See where is timing and you start playing so from this timing. The then was the street go and it matches my my system matches my number.

So i ll clear and therefore i hit the for a for to and then after 44 in my streak looks at its freakin. The for my my suicide. There streaking in the 4 8. Was streaking or the forty was tweaking and i went with a for two instead the for eight because why because the fourth was next to a to two times in a row.

So that s why i went with a 4 2. And constantly fought was next to again. And i thought well play deceiving them again i played in the same number that misses straight. But i play at a different order.


I played it instead playing five four two two i played two five four two and two four five two hoping that it was streak again and then sweep. So and the nitro was playing for fun. I know it was gonna be low percent percentage of streaking. The same number again or a similar number.

I still play it just in case. It streaks again and so far that s how it goes so. If you want to hit big money please. Email me ma.

am even though nothing s guaranteed. I know that myself by still playing it and almost caught it straight for 5 instead of plain. Box hundred times you can play it 500 straight. If it comes out you is better than even hitting bucks.

Hundred times. So okay and remember this is annoy less so email before the illinois. This and i ll reveal which set hit midday drawing okay so for those of you who had it some of you did wind enough when that number because you played that well in high set some of you didn t win. Because you then follow direction.

You only play the trap numbers instead of playing the whole set and playing the brett. Number pic. So you mess up you don t give up you keep trying and you re gonna win. It and be sure to subscribe donate share like and follow.

” ..

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