HTC Flyer Tablet Review

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“Is lisa from mobile tech review and this is the htc flyer 7 inch android android tablet this will be available at best buy stores may 22nd and it will for 499. This is a wi fi only tablet it does not have 3g or 4g. Though of course you can use your wi fi mobile. Hotspot.

Feature on your smart phone with this to get this on the net. If you re not near a wi fi hotspot take a look around the device. It s got a typical kind of htc monitoring clean look to it particularly like the curve of the bezels. A little bit higher here and here it protects the screen.

If you happen to put it facedown and it gives it a very interesting look reminds you almost of our contour display is trying to do only this in this case. It s really just the bezel on the back. You can see we have that very clean up kind of i pad metal look with the curved sides on it it s nice. It s a little bit appliance white.

Maybe here with these rubber end caps. And here. We ve got your volume. Controls power button up top here.

Headphone. Jack. This is the front video camera and your five megapixel rear main camera is here now this does not have a user replaceable battery. But if you slide this up.

Which takes a little bit of force pushing like so you can get to the micro sd card slot underneath and doing it there you go. It s finally come up as you see like these challenging designs. And there s a micro sd card slot here it has 16 gigs of internal storage. So you don t actually have to use a card.

But of course if you want to it s nice to be able to expand storage put your own movies on there pictures whatever. It is you want here s what makes the flyer special. Though it s not included in the box unfortunately in the us version. So by best buy you have to buy it separately for i believe 80.

This is an active digitizer pen that means it has a battery inside it requires power to operate. And it s a quadruple a battery smaller than even a triple a battery. And it works for taking notes and for drawing. It does not work as a replacement for your finger.

You can t just tap on the screen. And we re going to show you that too to do things with it the touch input and the pen input are completely separate speaking of what you get in retail. This is what the box looks like you can see the best by co branding on here that s just you know your basic white box 7 inch. But the vise sits in here and this is the little thing.

Our pen came in that s sitting on top of it and you get the charger and a usb cable and we ll show you the charger. Because it s relatively big for such a small device this terminates in this kind of connecting or system. It s a proprietary connector. Though you can actually stick a microusb cable into the device the port on this as an mhl connector and that means if you want to output to hdmi you need an mhl adapter that is also not included in the box.

But we use the one from our samsung infuse 4g. And that does come in the box of that phone and it worked just fine and we were able to hook. This up at the tv and we ll show you that later so the flyer is a 7 inch android tablet this is not honeycomb this is android 233 gingerbread but not the very latest release of gingerbread that adds google talk video chat support hopefully we ll see that come because that would be pretty cold so this runs basically the the phone version of the android operating system like the samsung galaxy tab 7 inch of course when the galaxy tab 7 inch came out and honeycomb didn t exist some certainly made sense with that one to be running froyo you ve got 16 gigs of internal storage. As we mentioned the microsd card.

Slot the battery is sealed inside and this is a 15. Gigahertz qualcomm snapdragon. Cpu it s a single..


Core but it s quite fast at 15. Gigahertz in fact it did very well on quadrant. We got a twenty forty seven for one of our better scores on quadrant. Which is getting close to some of the dual core tegra phone.

Results on linpack. It did a stunning 47 of course linpack does favour qualcomm gpus and that s what this hasn t signed. But still very impressive. So we re not complaining about the lack of a dual core especially for something that is 7 inch.

And it has less work to do lots of the display to drive that kind of thing as wi fi. You know to london. Bgn and as we. Mentioned.

There is no cellular connection in this bluetooth 21 edr works with bluetooth stereo headsets and it has a gps as well as a digital compass unusual accelerometer and ambient light sensor now for compare so we ve got the blackberry playbook. 7 inch the htc flyer 7 inch and the first seven inch android mainstream tablet the samsung galaxy tab 7 inch so you can see the three of them together obviously they re similar in size the blackberry is actually thinner. But a little bit wider and of. Course both of these are running android 20.

Or the playbook runs. The new blackberry os from cuba next back. View htc looks you know like an htc phone kind. It s got that curved look in the silver.

It s also a bit reminiscent of a ipad design plasticy a clean looking back of the galaxy tab. But of course library playbook has that soft touch rubbery black finish so i compared they the flyer on the right with the samsung galaxy tab 7 inch the grandfather of 7 inch android tablets i guess you could say obviously science wise they re about the same and they re both quite bright when they re set the maximum brightness. We don t have the brightness cranked right now on the galaxy tab. And you can see the difference in design philosophies just by the difference in the icons.

We got the htc. We don t mess with the icons much versus. The samsung touchwiz jazz up the icon kind of thing here and samsung tends to make fonts and things and menus. Quite large it s very easy for your fingers in your eyes.

But it s almost too large for 7 inch tablet. When they do that whereas htc manages to squeeze more in and you can see how much more the htc man just to fit on the screen. There so for those of you who are htc sense fans and software and we can understand that we love it too you ve got all your great send stuff your questions. I inflict clock with the weather over here your favorite people or contacts.

Obviously not gonna be calling them using cell phone. But you can certainly email them. And you can voip them. And this is i will take a look at later.

Which is a movie renting and cell service at htc has and we ve got a bookshelf over here and that s good that htc has done a nice job of putting some apps on here to get you started with things like well video watching ebook reading. And even newspapers. So this is a little widget for the home screen. And this really is cobol books behind the scenes.

I ll take a look at that in greater detail later so many android devices press and hold and you can personalize it by adding your own widgets or app. Shortcut so that kind of stuff. And you got your usual htc friend stream over here for social networking facebook twitter email widget and a bigger version of the weather widget and they had their little you see the 3d effect as you go through here on the camera. So if you go really fast.

It becomes a very small spinning sort of like a blender. Thing and then you can grab and hold it maybe it looks cool. I m not sure..


It s the easiest thing to control of it it s an interesting effect. So here we re gonna take a look at the htc software. It s my one they were gonna show you the unlock screen and this is interesting you see your applications over here. If you don t actually want to unlock the device you just wanna quickly go to calorie just drag its and lock ring pretty cool.

So on the bottom here we have of course capacitive touch buttons for your home your menu button your back and this is for the pen. I will show you that in a minute this brings up all of your apps like so. And we ve got a shortcuts and notes over here. The e book reader videos and personalization and if you don t want one of these you can just grab it take it off and you can put something else down here on the bar.

Instead then we re gonna take a look at the pen cuz. Obviously that s what sets this guy apart from other tablets. This is the pen aware spot here. If you touch that it brings up the two pen applications.

One of them takes a screenshot of wherever. You are and that is actually ours home screen screenshot and you can discard it print it share via or save. It and we re gonna discard this one and notice. The pen does not work for regular navigation.

Features just going to take a screenshot. The other app and this is pretty neat. It s known they re taking application. So here we are in the note.

Taking application which i m not sure if this is just a customized version base you see i ve ever known. But yes. It does say to evernote. Which is great because ever no it s an incredibly useful application you can actually throw photos on their web pages.

All that kind of thing sounds so here s a blank note right here. And we ve actually created a couple of notes. The user interface is largely self explanatory. You ve got a little camera here.

If you wanted to snap a photo and put in your note. An attachment. You can attach a pdf something like that a record button. You can record voice and then embed that and send it to the calendar.

Plus is to add a new note now how do i get to my list of all notes. I was wondering you don t do this to scroll through the notes you hit the back button and that takes you to a list of all notes strange by thing so here s a note. I created earlier. I took a picture.

I wrote and then i highlighted over it and i use the on screen keyboard to assign you title to it and i invented and it did have audio. So you can hear the microphone is not the best quality. It makes you a little bit lispy and flatter than you normally sound. But that it s okay now if you want her right here you see this is sort of like using something like paint corel painter or one of the other painting applications like our traits you can choose your brush.

You can use an ink a highlighter paint brush a pencil and write to your heart s content. And we ll go with the pencil right now and then with options you can choose which color. So i m going to go with red. We want to go back and you know sweep you with color.

This is oil paint style brush change your colors now besides being just entertaining. This is actually useful. If you want to draw a map for example..


If you want to do a diagram. If you re actually someone who s talented in the graphic arts and wants to do a little in painting. Because this is a fairly responsive pressure sensitive pen to see light touch barely making a mark heavy. Touch.

Big fat mark. So. That s incredibly useful for those people who really want to paint and draw likewise. This is very handy for note taking for those of you who like to take notes.

And you understand maybe. And using windows tablet pc. At school to doing those very. Handy drawback.

There is no ink to text conversion. So you if you go to meeting or you go to class and you write a whole bunch of notes and handwriting. It will not convert them over to text for you so that s the notes application and again this does sync with evernote. Which is quite handy as well now for other custom applications are going to take a look at the reader.

This is really kobo books and it starts out with a nice cover view of all the books that are on board. And we re going to take a look at jane here gives you a bunch of public domain books for free its opening in the book and you ve got the cute page turner animations and it looks like it it s automatically dimming the brightness a bit for us. It s a comfortable reading you have settings here and there is a brightness setting. We will turn off automatic you go back to something brighter.

You can change your display language. Pick the account that you use with kobo books and again you can choose your font size. You cannot change the font itself. However annotations bookmarks search so certainly 7 inches.

Is great it s portable. These same sizes. No caller basically it s good for you meaning no landscape support. It is just portrait orientation and if you will hit the shopping bucket you can see that s ebooks by kobo and you can look at featured stuff free stuff.

All that kind of thing and if you want to buy it you tap the buy button and then you sign in with your cowboy. Again so cool works nicely as an e reader certainly next we ll take a look at watch. We do not have an account on this store. But there s a place where you can buy some movies and tv shows from hcc service.

It s not a huge number of titles up here just yet. But of course. This is two days before the product is even launched in this country. You can say we have a choice of 15 movies.

15. Tv shows and you can break it up on genre in movies and tv. As well so let us take a look at the new movies doctor doolittle to dukes of hazzard lethal weapon. 3.

Orange county. Justin bieber. Never say never and some of them are available for rental as well looks like most movies range for about 9 bucks to 15 bucks and tv shows are. 200.

Well you use the built in gallery application to take a look at video playback since we don t have a watch account and we ve got basically a 720p video over here let s gonna this can play 480 and 720p video 1080p video a cannot play likewise if you re outputting an hdmi. It can do 480 and 720p up open or will not output full 1080 that s a pretty high bitrate. Video it s looking very..


Nice the 15. Gigahertz processor and gpu are definitely up to. The task. And since this is running android.

23. Gingerbread we have flash 103. On here we downloaded you can see one of our reviews is up here for the samsung infuse 4g and we have set it to automatically download all flash content behaves well i d say it s a bit more stable and reliable actually done the samsung galaxy tab the same time to customize that browser an awful lot and here we ve got a video embedded little straight here in fact it looks good. So.

That s pretty good usually it takes a tegra 2 to play flash video that nicely. It s doing a good job. Third person has a youtube player for those times. You just want to play the mobile version.

But definitely good on the web. Browsing front also good on the email front with exchange to the port pop3 imap4. You name it it should work with as well htc does a very good job with exchange thing for those of you even need to use this with corporate business. Email accounts this we re going to take a look at hdmi output.

Here we are with our htc flyer plugged in via the samsung infuse and they child after to our hdtv 42. Inches of 1080 tv. That we re not going to output a 1080 because this one does 480 and 720. Only as you can see here we have our options over here to 720 and 480 or automatic and everything that i see on the screen on the device is being married to the tv.

Now let s try to playing back the video there so now we re gonna check out some video playback using the gallery application again watching the same 720p trailer that we were playing earlier and it s a bit blocky because we re not putting out 1080 to this 1080p 42 inch dvd. But it s not bad looking either so that s hdmi output good for mirroring. What s ever on the flyer suite. And obviously if you want to play back.

Video or even some youtube video or as. Well so that s the htc. Flyer. Again it s gonna be 499.

At best buy wi fi. Only available may 22nd. It s a very nice 7 inch tablet. The only the only thing that holds us back from hardly recommending.

This is the fact that it doesn t run honeycomb and honeycomb is just so much more of a modern tablet oriented operating system. That offers a better ui. And some more sophisticated features for the tablet applications and the life. Though.

Htc has done a great job customizing. This with all their sense software and because right now honeycomb does not get heavy customizations from manufacturers a third party user interface kind of stuff. We can see why htc thought that they could do some value added by throwing. They re a very popular sense on a tablet.

But just keep in mind that it s probably going to be into the road. It s hard to say if this guy s ever going to get uploaded upgraded to ice cream. Which will be the hybrid operating system that combines the best of honeycomb with the best of basically froyo gingerbread. Nonetheless is a great tablet for those who want to have a pocket ereader pocket video playback and with the pen it s awesome for note taking a particularly digital artist with that pressure sensitivity be nice to see even more applications supporting them so that s the htc flyer 7 inch android gingerbread tablet be sure to visit mobile tech review for the full review of detailed information on battery life and just about everything else you want to know.

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