Huawei Mate 9 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Speed Test! (4K)

huawei mate 9 vs iphone 7 plus This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Huawei Mate 9 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Speed Test! (4K). Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Guys it s time to do a speed test comparison between the iphone 7 plus plus vs. The huawei nate 9. So let s just quickly zoom out a little and first boot both phones. The same time let s go and both are really huge phones like this one is having 55 inch display.

But it still feels about the same in size as the. Mate. 9 which has a 59. Inch display so apple really has to work with the with the phone phones bezels you know to make it smaller so you can see make 9 faster in booting up and iphone 7 plus is still taking some time and this is the 256 gigabyte iphone.

Which has the fastest read and write speeds and now it is done so i m going to zoom in and quickly unlock both of my phones okay there we go and we are connected to the same wi fi network are we let s just go into settings. Yes. We yes. We are yes.

We are yes. We are so so let s start off with some really basic applications here so settings. We go and again that was really similar again you guys are the judge. Plus weekly launch.


Okay felt like a little bit faster with the mate. 9 next. We got subway surfers and let s see which one will finish off first okay so in games. You can expect iphone to be faster.

Because it s just faster. You know optimization whatever you can say but iphone is a super fast phone. It comes to games fibre and that is super fast in the mid nine. We got smash hit and the iphone is faster followed by the mate.

9. So go back and check out something like instagram. So i think we do have here instagram versus the instagram on the may. 9.

Let s go okay. So the iphone is finished with the latest feed followed by the mate line so you can see that there s no lag whatsoever. Both are super smooth you can go back and check out let s see here we do have xej my favorite wallpaper applications i get asked this question a lot of time so you can download xej this is where i download all the wallpapers for my phone and the mate. 9.

Is just super fast finished while iphone is also done and let s quickly launch something like like like like like camera..

And see. Which one will be faster with that and where is the camera ok there we go and the mate. 9. Is faster.

So both phones are super fast gotta say back and forth iphone does a better job when it comes to opening up of games. But again this is just you know of course for the sake of comparison. You won t be seeing major differences in there in real life usage wise time for some browsing. Action so first off will be loading wikipediaorg.

On a boat of these two. Phones so let s quickly type in. Here also. Wikipediaorg.

And let s go ok. So you can see that was super fast on both phones. I think the iphone was a bit faster. But you can see overall in app.


And everything will be very smooth. You re not gonna see any lag. There let s. Launch something else something like if we quickly go here to.

Applecom and same. Thing here applecom. Let s go and you can see made 9 first one to come to the website can it finish. While the iphone is still taking some and whoa can t even load its own website.

What is wrong with the iphone okay it is now also on the website. But the mate 9 is now finished loading up the full content. While the iphone is still for some reason taking some time. But you can see we can scroll here.

It s still not finished and now it s done so yeah definitely faster home be made 9 let s quickly do the ram management. So obviously. If you have a faster internet connection internet connection. Then definitely you re going to have hip.

Header and faster browsing experience so lots of factors there let s quickly launch the games subway surfer casino refresh obviously can t expect a refresh from the iphone because it s just super good optimized same thing with the wobbly phone like 4..

Gigs of ram. More than enough for sweet. Awesome ram management against the instagram loading up nicely here and let s see here same thing same thing with this one no differences at all zedd. So yeah that was a speed test comparison in the iphone 7 plus versus the while mate 9.

I will be doing a full comparison between these two phone talking about camera and everything that will definitely make you help you to make this the final decision about which phone you should buy and yea this video basically concludes that post phones are super fast. No matter. If you spend money only made or the iphone and usually people say that iphones are faster than android phone that s not the case at least in 2016. Because these phones are as fast as good as the iphone in daily life usage wise you know the galaxy s7 made 9 google pixel lg phones.

I mean they are super fast and that s this speed has actually example for that so yeah. If you guys want me to make some more speed test videos about the mate. 9. With any other device let me know and i ll catch you guys later ” .


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