Java Escape Characters – Newline Backslash Single and Double Quote Escape Sequences – Java Tutorial

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Escape character is a two character sequence that charged with a backslash. It represents a a special character that would otherwise be unprintable in java and some examples of escape are the backslash n. Which is the newline character backslash t.
Is the tab character backslash single quote to print out a single quote. Backslash double quote to print out double quote and to back slashes in a row will print out a backslash and the combination of these two characters act is actually just one character and thats called that escape character and lets try out some examples so in this example im gonna print out the string. I love java programming.
Its all its gonna do great so im going to print this out twice. Now because thats how much i love java programming. And there it is and notice that were using print line to print.
These statements. If we remove the ln2 print print line and so it just said print. It does not go to the next line it prints both of these words out right next to each other.
But using an escape character like backslash n. Which we could stick at the end of this string.

how to print quotation marks in java-0
how to print quotation marks in java-0

But within this string. Itll split it up and take it to the next line. It could have also placed it right before the next line right here.
And it would have done the same thing and you can put these backslash ends. And you worried that you want a backslash n. Right there well take split that first sentence up to i love java and print programming out by itself.
Then when it gets to this backslash n. It prints out i love java programming on its own statement. And we can let me undo.
This and make it change it back to the way. It was and lets put the backslash in here. And it prints out normally again and now lets try backslash t.
Its ticket. Backslash t right before this sentence.

how to print quotation marks in java-1
how to print quotation marks in java-1

And its going to tab everything over one tab. You see this big space right there tabbed. It over you want to tab.
It over twice. Use backslash ts moved it over even more and you wanted single quotes around the word java see see that it works in strings. But if you wanted to create a character like char.
Some char and you wanted your single character to actually be a single quote. You cant do things like this and you cant even print out some chart because its youre getting compilation errors. So you cant even run the program.
So what you could do is stick the backslash right in the middle before the second single quote and it will now allow you to print out your single quote. There it is right there it place it at the end because i didnt do a newline character at the end of my statement. So there is the single quote printing out but in strings.
This is string literals surrounded by double quotes. If i wanted double quotes around the word java this wouldnt work its now.

how to print quotation marks in java-2
how to print quotation marks in java-2

Whats happening is that it thinks that this double quote is closing this double quote and then this one now belongs to the closing original double quote and job was just kind of hanging out in the middle. And it doesnt know whats going on so. What you could do is just stick a backslash in front of each of these double quotes and now its gonna print out i love java programming.
With quotes. Double quotes around the word java and lets say that you actually needed to print. Something that needed back slashes for example the path to some file or something.
Like that that out that print line c. Colon backslash program. File slash user slash desktop.
Thats some file text. I mean you couldnt print this out to the screen because of all the back slashes. If thinks that backslash p is an escape character when its not this wont print out you get an error.
You cant even compile the program. But by having two backslashes instead of one now the errors go away and you can print out that the path to this file and notice that everywhere. There was two backslashes.
Only one is actually printing out to the screen. So these are the escape characters you .

how to print quotation marks in java-3
how to print quotation marks in java-3

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