Prime Picks! – The #1 Unlocked Smartphone on Amazon!

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“What s up guys. I m poppy hd. Here and welcome to a new video video series idea here s how this one goes. So we pick a category on probably somewhere in tech.

And we find the number one best selling item in that category on all of amazon and buy it and give it a shot see if it s actually worth it. I don t really have a name for this yet. Maybe we could come up with a name if there s some sort of clever comment. I might use that but as of right now that s the general idea so category number one for the initial episode is naturally smartphones on amazon.

There s a category under electronics called unlocked cellphones and the number one best selling item sitting at the top. Pretty much since it came out is this the moto g. 6. So.

This is a 250 smartphone. Maybe even a little bit less than this right now on amazon. But that makes it definitely falling in the budget category. And i definitely tend to focus most of my smart phone videos on flagships the the phones.

I m most usually spending time with. But we ve definitely covered mid range and budget stuff in the past. And with budget stuff like this. It s really all about where you save your money.

Where you strategically bring some stuff up from flagships from 900. Phones. And where you don t and so on moto g6. When you look at it it has a couple things that it brings up from today s flagships.

But it still saves money in a lot of the places. Where you might not say. It s worth. It it s a well balanced checklist.

So they brought up the 18 by 9. Aspect ratio for example on the display they brought up the glass back they brought up dual cameras usbc. But they didn t bring up a notch. They didn t cut the headphone jack they didn t shrink the bezels to be tiny.


So there are trade offs. So i won t put. These amazon videos in the same category. As like a full review.

Which are much more detailed but for these quick little device expose s. We re gonna focus on the good the okay and the bad and if there is any the ugly. But basically figure out why this thing sits at the top of the charts and see if it s actually worth it so the good you can start off with the display. Here.

So moto g. Has actually kind of always been leading budget smartphones. Since the beginning of the series. But this is the first moto g with an 18 by 9 display instead of 16 by 9.

So basically it s bigger and it s definitely taller. But it s only one or two millimeters wider. So you get much more screen in not much more. Phone it s a 57 inch 1080p lcd panel it s not blowing anyone s pants off of course in terms of brightness or colors like some ole ed s would.

But it s otherwise pretty good especially for the price. It gets just bright enough to not be a problem. And it s still coming in at over 420 pixels per inch. So it s plenty sharp too so even if you see 1080p and think it s low.

It s not and just generally as a pixel person. I m happy to see them take care to not have a garbage display and then there s the design. Which is also good this is the sleekest. Most premium looking moto g.

Yet maybe remember in previous years of the smartphone awards. The moto g. Has been this defending champ in the best budget phone s category and these phones have always been rubberized or plastic or hardened plastic. Never like this never with this glass the rounded corners tapered edges gets these clicky tactile buttons.

I ll have more to say on this all later. But this is a well built phone for 250 bucks. And then also under the good is the software and this is something that motorola is excelled in in the past with past moto g s and other pass phones and i do again here in a lot of the same ways. But with one major exception and i ll explain so this phone has near stock.


Android and i ve talked about this all the time with just a couple of additions on top of it and i really like that it s something i ve praised for years especially with past. Motorola phones and they ve built in features. Like moto display. Which shows your notifications and like this not obtrusive way.

Unless you interact with them. Even. While the screen is mostly off even though it s not an oled there s moto actions. Which have been classic for a while the chop chop of your phone to turn the flashlight on or the double twist to open the camera stuff like that and it s all built into one place.

But everything else for the most part here is pretty tame pretty functional nothing too flashy now since it is an amazon special that has a bunch of these pre installed amazon apps. Amazon drive amazon s kindle app their amazon music and even alexa actually front and center. I don t use any of these and not uninstalled bull. But if you get a custom launcher you can just kind of hide.

Them the fingerprint reader can lock the phone and unlock. The phone you can turn on one button mode. Which lets see use the single slightly shrunken fingerprint reader as a gesture pad to do swiping to go home and back and all that stuff. But that s pretty much it no crazy stylus.

Features the face unlock is super basic there s no squeeze function. No crazy fake buttons. No edge screen. It s clean near stock android.

The way a lot of people including me like it but the one caveat. I mentioned earlier usually near stock android means easier software updates down the road so if you have an ear stock it s usually just a couple weeks behind like the pure stock android devices. But with motorola lately that s not been the case and they ve been lagging behind slack. And pretty hard on software.

Updates. Sometimes not updating phones at all. So. I would say sadly don t buy this phone.

If you re expecting a long tail of software updates and security patches that just doesn t seem like something motorola s into you right now. And i like basically calling them out like they should change that but as of right now. I can t say that this phone will get that anyway that brings us to the ok you know there s like i said. There s not a lot of stuff you can bring from a 900 flagship down into this price point.


But doesn t mean they re bad. You know. There s things that are just middle of the road okay on this phone. There s no ip certification for water resistance.

But motorola calls it splash proof so you know some people who are clumsier than others might not want to take the risk with this one. But what s probably more important here is the glass back. But also know wireless charging and the glass is still kind of nice don t get me wrong. It s solid it feels good it s a little heavier.

It s premium in the hand with the tapered edges. But obviously now a fingerprint magnet and much more fragile. I feel like the moto g. Series is one that could have totally stayed away from the glass trend and been fine like they ve done it with more expensive phones in the past.

But they just went to glass. Here. Now. The specs are okay.

So snapdragon 415 mid range chip three gigabytes of rams pretty good 32 gigs of storage to start and a three thousand milliamp hour battery. Which has been holding up just fine especially thanks to the 1080p display. But the standby time is not all that great so i guess use it to get the most out of it it has a headphone jack. That s good for a lot of people that s like like crate in 2018 and the fingerprint reader that s it s kind of sad that motorola felt the need to put their logo on the front of the phone.

So bad that they literally shoved it in between the fingerprint reader and the screen. I will never not hate logos on the front of phones and this makes it look like they cut down on the size of the fingerprint reader to make room for a logo. I hope that s not what happened and the cameras on the back. There s a 12 megapixel camera with a five megapixel secondary shooter.

It looks like a face in a way around that it s totally a face and it s funny. The photos. It takes are decent at best the dynamic range is one thing that s particularly weak. But the detail holds up if you don t zoom in and pixel peep.

Too much basically if a 900 phone was taking these photos. I d be calling it a little weak. But in a super inexpensive phone like this it definitely gets the job done with no problems and then of course you got to ask if there s anything bad anything truly bad about this phone and honestly the standby time is pretty bad. I ve had it die just by going from 50 percent to zero overnight.


That is not anything crazy going on with the software. It s just pretty weak and maybe aside from the the poor track record with software. Updates. There s nothing truly horrific about the moto g.

6. Even like the usual suspects you d look for to be garbage in a cheap phone. The front facing camera is still actually not that bad the vibration motor totally average. The speaker.

If you notice there s no speaker on the bottom. Where you usually find the crappy ones. They re here. It s actually just the front facing earpiece as the only speaker on this phone.

Technically is just one source so it s easy to completely block. But you ll never really hold your phone accidentally in a way to block. It and the fact that it s front facing means it sounds better and louder than pretty much any other downward. Facing speaker so for 250 bucks.

I mean what it really comes down to is this phone gets the job done with no major glaring flaws. So it s probably not really a surprise that this is really cheap making it the number one best selling phone on amazon right now i feel like i could probably carry this phone daily. The big complaints. I would have would be the camera.

Because i m a big camera person and probably the speaker. I m released a front facing really good speakers. But the screen is okay like it s fine it gets the job done i think what s more interesting is i don t know if this is clearly the budget king like it has been in previous years. There s plenty of other manufacturers actually now really focusing on this price point things like nokia things like xiaomi things like read me just to name a few so you can t call this.

The budget king quite like it was separating itself from the pack before but it s still pretty good so if you were browsing amazon. Just wondering why the g6 was the number one best selling unlocked cell phone or if you re just wondering you should buy this phone or not gets a thumbs up from me. It s pretty good either way let me know what you guys think if this series idea is something you d be into maybe leave suggestions for other categories on amazon to pick up and check out the number one product for but until the ” ..


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