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You frustrated with all the blasphemous content on netflix and hulu well fear god because because theres a streaming service for you hello. Did you know theres a for christians did anybody know this hey quick question. I cant even believe this is a thing.
Im so excited im what if everyone knows all right what if i uh what if im the one living under a rock and no one told me cuz. I dont have friends so i was watching actually dont worry about it anyway. I was watching something and i got an ad for pure flix.
Think of it as a netflix for families of faith and like you were often disappointed by the content on leading networks and subscription based services pure flix has huge catalog of quality christ centered movies will be available to you at the click of a button and i signed up so fast. Oh my god i signed up. I didnt even ask questions.
I signed up so fast literally did not watch the video. I had intended on watching cuz. I was too busy signing up for pure flix jesus.
Oh. My god oh my faith centered viewing netflix could never videos all over the place. I know because im too excited i should have waited i love bad content.
Its all i live for it and thats all thats on this platform. Its the best every movie on this platform is so bad. Its good.
I how do they do it its honestly impressive god its so god. Its so good and god is so good right. Thats the thing.
Im not being sarcastic when i say i love bad movies. Thats where my favorite genre is horror that i love bad movies you know i looked it up. Im pretty sure im the only one talking about this mike.
There might be a reason. If everyones just being respectful. And thats why no ones talking about it.
No thats not it these are not good movies. These garbage and i love it let me live man okay so i immediately went straight to the pure flicks originals cuz. Oh.
My god are you kidding. Were doing this right now were making originals. I love it i love every bit of it i just got rid of my hulu account and i think it was to make way for my pure flix account in such mysterious ways.
Wow. The first pure flix original that caught my eye was a sitcom called mood swings starring hannah montanas jason earles am. I right everybody whats he up to that hes just been on a christian sitcom.
Thats what hes been up to i love that for him. Its about this lady who married a rich dude and then he cheated on her so. Shes got to sell the house but she doesnt want to so she gets roommates stupid hey.
Its done its pretty dumb so ill just show you my favorite scene listen just because i cant afford you anymore doesnt mean theyre gonna send you back to mexico portugal. Jonathan you cant just barge in here you dont live here. Anymore hola consuela headed back to mexico huh.
Portugal and yes dont you mean adios never liked her yeah.

how to watch pure flix on netflix-0
how to watch pure flix on netflix-0

That was the nanny and hey christian fun you know its just pretty wholesome christian content. I know its good but weve got to move on only cuz. I found a better show dont know how but i did its called malibu dan.
The family man thats literally the shows title. This show is i want to say about a bunch of people living on a green screen. But its not actually theres a plot and its so different its about a talk show host.
But i cant get over how much a shot on a green screen unnecessarily shot on a green screen might i add. But whatever the show was created by this guy tommy blaze. Who also created every other show on the platform.
Hey. Tommy blaze baby actually the whole platform was literally made by like three dudes. Im not even kidding.
When you look up the credit. They made the platform. They produced every show on it and they started it anyway the star of this show looked really familiar and i was like and figuring it out turns out.
He was actually the star of the cult classic gods not dead. Which was also produced by pure flix and probably him cuz he created pure flix. Okay.
If you havent seen the movie gods not dead. What are you doing with your life. But also its not on pure flicks.
Either so gods not dead. 2. Is though this show is so i thought we could watch it get a little glimpse of what the christians are hiding from us all lets watch.
The first episode whos that guy darlin. Dont know hey hi. Sorry.
Were one line in and i already have an issue. There was a laugh track and i want to know what was so funny our guest today is aria rainy day the winner of this years elementary spelling bee. I didnt even know they still did spelling bees i mean a spell check and autocorrect who cares anymore.
Oh what sorry good joke. I didnt even realize. I was supposed to be one sorry.
What was the word that you won with sega idea. Yeah like theres a word that comes up in casual conversation. Not its best banished dance done in triple time.
So its not even an american word. So its not even a real word its kind of. Racist but hey its holy 10000.
For knowing something that nobody cares about hey california i can churn butter you know its crazy. Shes not even shes not even a bad person in the show. No one mentions any of this this is not part of the plot.
No one ever says hey that was not cool nobody does it were not even two minutes in dude.

how to watch pure flix on netflix-1
how to watch pure flix on netflix-1

This is gonna be a long ass journey. You got a guy whos figured out how to tell oh we just met the third host of the show her bangles. Why did they mic her bangles.
Hey. Theyre loud. I am nitpicking.
But also get her off the show you know i dont want to see her so theres a dude walking around. But he might be replacing one of the hosts. No one knows okay.
Im not gonna lie the theme. Song. Its actually kind of good okay that song this sorry.
Its good those are the three dudes they run pure flix literally they run it theyve created it they produce everything their david is not only the producer. Hes dan. Hes dan.
The malibu dan man fan man. Whats the show called fan man who cares have you seen this seeing what the new ad buys. I hey.
This is on a green screen. Why why though somebody working on the show had an office. Why didnt we film it in there no one with a half a brain whatever by snakes or five day old nachos.
The laugh track out. But its still going can you believe it its still happening. Dan finds out that the network is trying to appeal to a younger audience this cant go wrong boomers making sitcoms about millennials.
What could go wrong they took down all the photos of us and they posted these new ones of people wearing yoga pants. Taking funeral selfies. I dont want to say this episode should have been called okay.
Boomer cuz. Thats low hanging fruit. But okay.
Boomer alright. Just sayin. Dan goes home and is worried that hes not hip.
Do you think that im hip huh that doesnt look like a bible. Actually it kind of does look like a bible little bit. It was this guy hanging around and hes got me worried well.
How do you know hes there to attract younger people. His name is zane zayns not a weird name is it saint am ia millennial. Damn desperately tries to figure out how to be hit ive been trying to read up on millennials you know what they wear how they talk even though they carry a cellphone everywhere they hate talking on it.
But when they do talk they use letters like lol wcw doing laundry cooking dinner thats called a dull ting. But its a bad day they dont know that chicken comes on a bone. I cant make their own sandwiches and they have the attention span of a goldfish thats literally all i have to say okay.
Ive been doing some reading about boomers apparently they cant cope with the fact that the technological world around them is developing too rapidly for them to adjust.

how to watch pure flix on netflix-2
how to watch pure flix on netflix-2

So they just pretend everyones inferior instead they dont know how to send a text message but they will give you for not knowing what a floppy disk is even though you know what a floppy disk is so is that how emilys gonna turn out no emily is generation z hopelessly addicted to the internet and unable to maintain human relationships gen z rules you tommy blaze thats a millennial right there its a diagram i know its weird its like hes wearing a jumper. I think those are called robbers are we done oh my god oh so dan goes into work the next day trying to be hip things that scare us welcome doctor. You mean like answering a phone call from an unknown caller hashtag not doing it sorry.
Not sorry. Haha. No.
Its actually funny dude. Oh wait in y z. Record.
When i go to the bathroom. And i leave my cell phone in the living room. Because what are you supposed to eat like.
But you know read the back of a shampoo bottle. Youre supposed to read the bible. What are you talking about what is it i see why am i because it totes saves time to just shorten cray cray long words.
Does he know that cray cray is the same amount of syllables as crazy others avoid. Fear inducing situations. Entirely like leaving a voicemail or having to listen to literally you get it millennials dont like to talk on the phone.
So dance gotta meet with the big guy on top tomorrow morning. I dont mean jesus or god would whos the one you meet it oh god okay. Dan is definitely thinking hes gonna lose his job and then this seemed you know when you think you might get fired.
But nobody knows for sure so everyone just comes in and steals. All of your personal property cuz same and im just so glad that its finally being represented in pop culture. You know why is dans office right for the time being right partner.
Wait hey are we gonna talk about the hair are we gonna talk about it whats that about its a little distracting. What is the whats happening so dan tells his wife that he might lose his job. So they start budgeting in preparation medical.
Emilys college tuition. All essential cable tv cable tv is essential. How long do we have for emilys college.
Wow. Typical boomer addicted to the tv. Screen.
You know gym membership. Hows that essential well. I cant just quit.
My cardio kickboxing ooh cardio kickboxing or not wearing any yoga pants or garments resembling yoga pants to that because that would be pretty millennial of you and im not over the last scene. Remember that scene before were there make it fun im not over it im gonna convince. Mr.
Wallets that hes making a huge mistake you think thats gonna work it has to were all so miss all my basketball games. And youll get fat good christian wholesome. Family fun content.
Did i get all the words.

how to watch pure flix on netflix-3
how to watch pure flix on netflix-3

I think i did quick tip if youre gonna green screen everything drag all the images so they fit every year our target audience gets smaller and smaller and smaller because of death. No not because of death because they cant figure out all the tv remotes they managed to get the television turned on then it just sits on that one channel. Until they go and die.
So death so death was the reason so so it is death zane is gonna replace holliday not exactly the sharpest bulb in the drawer. But like many young people hes lazy and hes entitled. But hes young so apparently hawking listen her name is holliday.
But i call her holly every single time oops hashtag sorry not sorry holly is gonna get replaced so dan feels bad chivalry isnt dead my ladies for my leg is can i get up oh my legs dead sorry to get distracted. But the party under the chair okay moving on so dans like dont fire holly. Shes so good have we thought about how much holly sucks.
Why arent we no ones thinking about it. No one dan convinces. His boss that holly shouldnt be replaced so then he just doesnt replace anyone.
And nothing happens he was gonna replace all of the objects on dans desk that everyone stole what happened to those items. He goes home to tell his wife and then it gets all bible ii. Know reflet you so thats what got me thinking no last sunday.
Pastor wilcox. Just the part of the show. Where youre like oh right were on pure flix.
Were watching pure flix. If someone has the worlds goods and sees a neighbor in need. But then closes his heart to him.
Okay. How does gods love even abide in it okay. Jesus okay.
Jesus this was very painful to watch. But the last 90 seconds. Jesus you know this um good.
Im exhausted so whats the show painful to watch yes helped but was a good wholesome christian fun yes so how can you complain. Im pretty sure the only people with a pure flix subscription are me and tommy blaze. But worth it so works.
Thank god its like when 42 people use one persons netflix login. I can be that for you so if you want to see any more oh. I mean i hope you want to see more because i love this platform.
Honestly i was gonna make a disclaimer because i thought i was cherry picking. But i watched three shows ill dare all this theyre this bad you cant just ran. We picked three shows have them all be bad and not assume that the rest of the originals are going to be this quality unary.
So give this video a like or leave. A comment down below letting me know if you want to watch more or if you dont you can also tell me i just why are they keeping these gems from the rest of the world. We want to see this stuff.
So many good shows so many good movies and also please subscribe. It means a lot im not kidding. It does please this has been a lot.
But were done we did it anyway thats it for me i will see you later suckers praise jesus music im not kidding cut oh god god god hey god okay .

how to watch pure flix on netflix-4
how to watch pure flix on netflix-4

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