S3 Terios Controller How To Connect To A Phone

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“What s going on everybody my name is amell and i would like to welcome welcome you to my channel. Once again and today. I m going to spend a about one to two minutes. Explaining how you can connect the s3 gamepad controller to your smartphone.

Now a lot of people reached out to me in a saying. They didn t know how to connect it or they kept getting arrows. So hopefully this video helps you out i also have a full review on the controller in on my channel..


So if you would like to watch the full review on that i will leave a link in the description and also an annotation should that pop up any second in the meantime. Let s get right into it all right guys let s get right into it first what you need to do actually let me again. Tell you this before i actually go and pair the device together what you always want to do first is if you want to pair something to your phone alby s like for example. The controller always make sure that the controller is on first and can be searched by your phone.

So basically always go with the device you want to connect your phone first and then turn the bluetooth on on your device. I found in the past. I ve been doing the opposite and i always had trouble putting preparing the devices together so let s get right into it right now first thing you want to do is the home button also acts as a power button..


So what you want to do is press and hold the power button for five seconds. And you will notice the led will start flashing just like this so you press it hold it it s flashing and it will start flashing faster. See that so that is an indication that it s can be searched by a device now so we going on my note. 5.

And the bluetooth is already on so we ll quickly turn off and on and right now. We can see it searching for the device. And it s just like that it s right there so what you want to do is click on it and it s a actual if you guys can see that..


But it says that it s payment and it s a connected let s just get like out of that i don t have any games on my system right now on my phone because i did our factory reset. But i don t know if you can see that i m pressing buttons and it s changing the screen. Yes so right now. It s paired now that you guys know how to connect a controller to your phone.

I want to briefly talk about a little troubleshoot that i came across it for some reason your controller does not connect to your phone. It basically means that the battery is low. I came across this problem few times and i kind of clued him after a while that if your battery s a certain level like let s say i m just using it as an example 10..


It will not connect to your phone. So always always make sure that your controller is charged up so you can connect it to the phone and actually play some games. I hope this video helped you guys out if you have any questions make sure you are leave a comment in the comment section. If you have not subscribed make sure you subscribe because i have videos of this all the time coming out.

But yeah in the meantime you guys will be safe out there ” ..

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