SILVER vs SPACE GREY Macbook Pro 16 – Which would you keep?

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“I ve got the most neurotic video. I ve ever posted for you a truly truly epic comparison in several minutes of your life. You definitely won t get back personally need your help to choose which one of these macbook pro sixteens to keep the space gray or the silver. I m josh and i plan review a lot of laptops.

This video was originally meant to be a rather comedic comparison. But as it turns out a i m really indecisive and can t seem to choose which color to keep and be the performance variances between these two most likely due to manufacturing differences was a bit higher than i anticipated so i thought that was worth sharing with you the reason why i have two of the exact same spec macbook pro. 16. Is because i wanted an editing laptop that i could use while on the couch in bed or traveling.

Which i intend to do a lot of next year. I bought the space gray model first but unfortunately i didn t notice that if i got the apple card and purchased the laptop on that i would get. 6 back as a special promotion. I applied and was approved with a card called apple to rebuild the laptop on the card.


And they said you could only do that at the store. I then went to the store and they told me that they could only do that on configuration they saw at the store and to rebuy. It and return the other one as i looked around the store. I noticed that the silver model to my eyes looked unique and more modern compared to the space gray.

The space gray color has been heavily marketed since it was launched in 2016. Even i had a space gray macbook pro 13 back then it s the color. Every youtuber and hipster at your local coffee shop. Has so i decided to break away from societal norms and reorder.

The silver not the space gray first let s talk aesthetics. This is a very subjective topic. What looks good to you may not look good to me and vice versa. I m going to run some beauty shots.


So you can form your own decision of which looks better in my apartment post your choice in the comments below. What i ve noticed about the space. Gray. Is it feels a bit jarring with the design of my apartment.

It s an odd dark color in a very light and airy space in this environment to my eyes. The silver looks better i noticed the same at the apple store. Which is also a light environment that being said the black coloured keyboard deck of the space gray matches that chess is better whereas on the silver the black keys look a little dated and out of place. Somewhat reminds me of the old macbook pro.

2015. Nothing. Though looks as good as the razorblade mercury white. Where the keys themselves are silver.


It s rare apple gets stood up when it comes to design. But to my eyes. It does here. I would advise apple to consider making the keys a matching color in future which do you think looks better in my apartment make sure to post your answers in the comments.

Below. Now let s talk performance both of these are the upper end eight core models available in stores. But upgraded with 32 gig of ram and the radeon 5500 m. 8.

Gigabytes yes. I know most of the differences are due to manufacturing variances. But that doesn t make for his final youtube content when i ran the benchmarks i noticed the silver model consistently outperformed the space grey model in cpu tasks so i ran the benchmarks again and again and again each time. The silver model was on top averaging 3.


Faster. Performance. Then i tried a standard premiere. Pro.

4k export. And guess what the silver was ahead also by 3 percent. I know this is a rather silly video. But i am genuinely interested in which of these laptops.

You think i should keep if the credit card saving wasn t factored in anyway. Thanks for the help if you liked this video you know what to do make sure to smash that subscribe button hit the thumbs up and the notification bell till next time ” ..

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