The Not-So-Newlywed Game

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Just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. So we thought we would see how well we we know each other and play the not so newlywed game. Upbeat music.
All right first lets meet our competition please welcome the hilarious melissa mccarthy and ben falcone upbeat music cheers and applause this is happening so what if we dont get any correct we might not yeah. Shes already nervous about it. She said.
I dont know how werecause. We filled all this out separately backstage. How long have you two been together itll be ten years this year.
Yeah married or together both married ten together. What like 17. Yeah.
Oh. So you all have a little bit of time on us. So you should really know each other highly confident all right.
I cant wait so well see twitch come on out. Here. Twitch is gonna host this thing for us.
Upbeat music laughter. Oh. My god oh my god look at the gold.
Oh. My god yeah. Oh my god wow.

who is the host of the newlywed game-0
who is the host of the newlywed game-0

Yeah. Im kind of all for it yeah. Im all for it its a good look.
I dont know if you should change back thats a good look. Its a good look thats good its good okay well earlier. We asked you a series of questions to see how well you know each other youre so serious so now were gonna see how well you know each other uh huh okay so for every you get a point for every.
Time. Your answers. Match.
Yall. Ready to play we are yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Excellent excellent excellent. Okay okay.
Melissa okay if ben could describe you in one word. What would it be i said chatty okay. I said lovely and amazing but it was cute all aww buzzer buzzing and then that gets a imitates buzzer laughter all right all right okay okay well get it back.
Well get it back. No problem. Ben.
What word would melissa use to describe you what did i say good enough laughter kind. I said kind buzzer buzzing all aww and still imitates buzzer laughter. I love kind gets a imitates buzzer no get out they just pull you out yeah.

who is the host of the newlywed game-1
who is the host of the newlywed game-1

Just i think ill put a harness they wheel him back okay. Okay. You still in the game.
You still in the game. Okay. Portia.
Yeah. Name a celebrity other than you that ellen has a crush on easy. Oh.
I knew you were gonna say that well. But i was just joking about this the other day uh. Oh uh oh oh aww man buzzer buzzing.
I was gonna say be careful things change you know a lot of celebrities they change ellen what celebrity does portia have a crush on oh. This is very easy. Its so easy you better yes.
Yes. Yes. Is that did i yes they match.
Jonathan rhys. Meyers. Yeah.
Yes bell dings yes. Well go were doing good okay okay. He kinds looks like a girl.

who is the host of the newlywed game-2
who is the host of the newlywed game-2

Too okay laughter well and i sa. And i have agreed anyway go on all right then ready. Okay ben.
What other celebrity does melissa think you have a crush on uh. Its creepy and its no longer true. But i think shes gonna say jennifer aniston.
Oh. I did and then i switched it ah. So im.
What who what oh. I said creepy. Oh.
Thats what you i was like that creepy. And its no longer tom hanks okay who doesnt love tom hanks thats true i do have a crush on him thats actually really true oh yeah. Creepy.
I think your true crush is tom hanks yeah. Actually i do have a crush on tom hanks. Okay.
Ellen yes. What candy would portia choose to describe your love life. Starburst.
Goodn. Plenty hot tamales mounds or oh. Henry laughter.

who is the host of the newlywed game-3
who is the host of the newlywed game-3

They would all apply. But well yeah. But im gonna say hot tamale.
Damn it uh oh whatd you say oh henry oh henry buzzer buzzing. I dont even know what that means i didnt either. But i just thought it was the funniest one and you always go for the joke not when im competitive.
I dont i see all right okay. Melissa fill in the blank before i was married i used to blank. But now i blank.
I said only really hit on gay men now i married the right one laughter. Its true really true what did you say. I said she used to go to dinner late at night now she goes to dinner at 4 00 pm.
Buzzer buzzing also true also true also true that could apply to me yeah i like to eat early. Okay ellen yeah. Where did you share your first kiss.
Well this is very easy mm in the back of a limo bell dings aww. Very nice very nice thats nice have we gotten any right i dont think weve gotten any right okay. Thats okay no youve got zero well.
Youve got zero. But yall you look lovely 17 years guys. Yes.
That is the end of the game. You look lovely no points. But youre a beautiful couple beautiful couple is that the end of the game aww thats sad all right yes.
Thats it yep well played well played we did it wonderful thats it .

who is the host of the newlywed game-4
who is the host of the newlywed game-4

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