This is NOT a normal Smash Bros Controller

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“Bros has been na big competitive sport for a really long time now. And it it s honestly the only esport that i personally enjoy watching fighting games are nreally to understand and i play smash bros nso. I know enough about it to enjoy all of the technical nwords that they throw around if you put on a game of starcraft you might as well have put on football you might as well be speaking na. Different language.

Every time you see one of nthese high level tournaments. You re guaranteed to see one nof these types of controllers it might just look like a nregular old gamecube controller. But it s got a lot of nvery subtle modifications that could save a game for you although. Chances are you re losing games because of you and not nthe controller.

It s you heavy guitar sound n. Computer bleeping this video s brought to nyou by raid shadow. I m just kidding. There s no sponsor.

I m joshing ya. The gamecube and its controller nwere brought into this world in 2001. And shortly after nthat in the same year was smash bros melee and after all of the innovations nthat. Nintendo has made since then the gamecube ncontroller is still the most recommended controller for super smash bros ultimate.

I have to admit before nsmash bros ultimate. I was a bit of hater myself. It s been almost 20 years nit s time to let it go. There s gotta be something nbetter out there.

But i quickly realized nthat. This is probably the most optimized controller layout for smash bros ultimate the important button nis right in the middle the b special button acts as kind of like an emergency button. The two jump buttons are just within reach but kind of off to the side. There s a button hierarchy here compared to a pro controller nwhere.

All the buttons are just kind of there but despite this there s still people who prefer the pro controller nfor smash bros ultimate and that s fine too there s nno right or wrong answer here there s no exact science nit s all just preference regardless of which tool you prefer they can still be made nbetter for the job at hand the gamecube controller. Still nhas a little more room to grow since it s almost 20 fricking years old multishine makes custom ngamecube and pro controllers for tournament level. Play. The gamecube controller that they sent us is just a regular old smash nultimate gamecube controller that you could once find for 30 bucks.

But now you can only find them marked up somewhere between 50 and 70 but of course. It s heavily modified the springs of the l. And r buttons have been cut for a nfaster. Triggering time the l and r pads were also perforated for faster inputs and smoother clicks the analog stick holes nhave additional notches carved into them for more precise directional inputs on both sticks.

The x and y buttons are nlowered also for faster inputs and the stick boxes have been swapped for new broken in stick boxes and the c stick now has nan analog stick box also this particular one was fitted with all white buttons for nquote well. Thank you very much ni. Very much appreciate that but what if we just ah. There we go i have to admit when i nfirst used this controller and compared it directly to na stock gamecube controller.


I didn t really notice nmuch of a difference really just the notches. But that doesn t really feel like it makes much of a ndifference for my play style. I still accidentally nside b. When i mean to up b and i tend to flick the nstick for smash attacks.

But different play styles could very much benefit from these notches for me. It was a lot easier nas. A pokemon trainer main to ledge trap. With ncharizard with his tilts and squirtle squirtle also ncan reach below the ledge by tilting his tilt downwards and also it s good for nthat.

If you re aiming up so. If your character has moves like that or you can tilt them then again nit s useful in that regard. The notches are probably nmore beneficial for melee. I talked to nickc one of the ntop falcon mains in the world mhg koopa yeah.

But we re gonna keep things even for the both of us so cs hangman is it even is it really an even match. Mhg koopa oo. No no it is not probably the top one. He explained that a good nexample would be fox s recovery.

Which has almost a limitless nrange of movement in melee so micro adjustments. Matter and nailing that directional input could be the difference between making it back to the stage. Or nlosing. An entire set multishine also has ndifferent notch options like half notches and sweetspot notches for more precise wavedashing.

Nand shield dropping in melee so maybe that better nsuits your play style the other modifications non this controller. I didn t notice at first. But then after reading nthe list of modifications and after knowing what i m looking for now. I can easily tell the difference.

The cut l. And r. Springs. Nand.

Perforated pads lead to slightly faster inputs for shields. Parrying and spot. Dodging the shoulder buttons are nprobably my least favorite part of the gamecube controller s design. The travel distance is so needlessly long it s part of why i preferred nthe pdp fightpad for so long.

Shields. Parrying and spot dodges require a split second. Sometimes nframe perfect timing. Anything that can help get nthose out faster is a huge plus.


Sometimes it feels like the shield takes a whole year to come out in this game the x and y buttons being lowered makes short hopping a breeze. I basically just straight nup avoid short hopping. Because i m so bad at nnailing a half press. I just usually stick to pressing y and a at the same time which nthe game kinda registers as a hot key for a short hop neutral air.

It s short hopping for dummies like me can you see all this dust nthat s flying around here. But this controller really ndoes make a slight tap of the x or y buttons register a short hop almost every time i tried the stick boxes being swapped and greased didn t really do much for me couldn t really tell the difference just went right over my head. I m sure other people could tell the difference. Not me.

Multishine also makes nmodified. Pro controllers. The modification options nare much more limited than the gamecube controller options. The one we got only has nnotches in the stick holes and greased stick boxes.

But they were a big hit namong the two people that i know who use pro ncontrollers for smash. The pro controller s stick nhole is just a big circle at least the stock gamecube controller has octagonal notches you can customize the controllers. However you want on nthe multishine website. And every controller is custom built based on the modifications that you pick so depending on the nmodifications that you pick you could be looking at nspending a pretty penny.

The controllers that they nsent us were pretty much fully decked out with modifications guess how much this controller is we re talking about the ngamecube controller. The gamecube controller bob yeah. 60. Bucks 225.

Bob that s a pretty good guess do you wanna try again laughs. Wait am. I hot or cold bob you re very very wrong okay. I don t know ndude is it more or less bob just give me another number.

I m not gonna say 200 bucks laughs bob it is it is 421. What bob 421 with all the modifications i feel like it s not ngonna make that much of a difference either right laughs bob all right you re nup. Guess. The pro controller uh is it more or less nthan.

The gamecube controller bob all right well i ll tell you that it has less modifications 575 bob for a pro controller. You think it costs more neven. Though. It has less 325 bob.

It is 224 okay all right well i nmean. I knew it was less bob. It is 100 just nfor the controller what well i guess because the pro controller means more to me i valued it higher they also sell do it yourself mod kits. Like you can just get the faceplate that has the notches cut into them already but once you select the nnotch options that you want you re still gonna be npaying a pretty penny this isn t sponsored or nanything but multishine did give us a discount code so you can get 10 off if you use the code wulff so i mean every little bit counts right so now that you know the price who is this controller for personally i would nrecommend this controller to almost nobody.


It s not gonna make you nany better at smash like i said before if nyou re losing matches. It s probably your fault. I have friends who constantly ask me what type of camera nlenses. They should get like they ve got money nburning a hole in their pocket and they ve just got to nspend it on something.

And i always tell them this is the same situation when you get to the point in nyour smash ultimate journey. Where you notice you re nwhiffing short hops or maybe you have certain ntechs that would be modified by having controller notches. Then you ll know exactly nwhat modifications to get in a multishine controller. And you can start saving nyour money accordingly maybe start going to locals.

Nmore and use your winnings to help fund. It like an investment laughing would you get that pro controller yes. Bob you would yeah just as somebody that likes using the pro controller. I think that having the notches in there feels a lot better than it njust being the smooth circle and i legitimately feel like for me the changes to the controller nhelp me play better i don t think that that s nthe case for everybody.

But i really like the nnotches for how i play. But again if you re not nplaying tournaments. Seriously and 400 dollars. Doesn t just shoot out of your nose every time you sneeze.

Then this controller nprobably isn t for you hell nickc still uses a nstock gamecube controller and he s doing just fine. I love this controller. I think it might be my favorite controller in my collection now. It s certainly.

The most expensive beating out the mixbox one. But i like actually using this controller. But i don t think i ever ncould have justified purchasing one of these on my own 400 multishine is such a powerful name in the smash community. So i m super happy to finally have gotten my nhands on one for a review.

I finally see the appeal nof this thing first hand. But i don t play competitively. And when the difference is nbetween a 30 controller and a 400 controller with nvery subtle differences. I ll just take the whiffed parry.

I would say only get this controller if you see what it offers and you know how you can use that in practice like don t try to justify it to yourself once you see okay. These notches are here or for the gamecube controller is all the other things nthat they add to it if you immediately think to yourself. Then the controller might be for you. But if you re trying to convince yourself that you need it you don t need it bob shaun.

What did you like about the controllers um bob if you were gonna do a tournament. Would you be upset not having nthe multishine controller hm. Probably not probably not the first ntournament maybe the second bob and how s the sushi good. I m about to eat yours.


So. What do you guys think about these multishine modded. Gamecube nand. Pro.

Controllers is this something you d be interested in do you think there would be a way to help out your smash brothers ngame with one of these maybe you need those nnotches for certain techs. Maybe you just want one. But you don t even play smash that much leave it in the comments nbelow add me on twitter. Any and all of this other nsocial media garbage.

I also couldn t really nfit this into the video. But i got one of these nguys it s a nico adapter. It s just gamecube to usb cause. I was sick of the nbig bulky nintendo adapter that has four ports and ntakes up two usb slots this just goes right at nthe end of the controller and it was only five bucks on amazon anyway.

We re giving one nof. These controllers away to one of you people in a tournament. You have to win it you nhave to fight for it this will be an online. Only tournament to be held february 15th and february 16th.

And you must be part of nour discord to enter so go to the description nthere. ll be a form in there you need to fill out nand follow all the directions spots are limited. But we re gonna be randomly picking people who sign up that way everybody gets a fair shake just make sure you re nresponsive when you get picked and if you just wanna watch. It it ll be streamed that nsunday here on this channel.

And you can win one of these decked out multishine ngamecube controllers of course. We got new nvideos here. All the time our schedule is usually in a pinned tweet over on our. Twitter and we got wulffden live nevery single wednesday here at 8 00 pm.

Eastern time on youtube that s our live podcast nwhere we talk to you. Guys and we got streams over non twitchtv wolffden. But you wanna turn on nnotifications over there cause that s every week. But nit s more of a loose thing but of course the most nimportant thing that you can do is to just subscribe nthat s the easiest and look to make sure that nyou re subscribed right now.

Because you might be just nrelying on the homepage and suggested feeds to get these videos and that s not enough and share this video with a friend. A friend that you play nsmash with and maybe you can gawk at these very expensive controllers. Thank you guys very much have yourself a good week. ” .


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