Timelapse Tutorial Using iMovie & Lightroom

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“What do you think that was my first ever time lapse. And so what i i thought i would do is just take you through my process of creating that lapse right from the start to the end and how i chose the location of where i wanted to do that time lapse also the camera things i used and i ll take you through what how i edited in lightroom and then finally how i brought it all together in imovie. So i don t use premiere pro. Don t want to use pay for the extra subscription.

And so i have imovie on the mac here so i just wanted to show how i bring it all together in iron movie. Because there are a couple of little idiosyncrasies to make that work so yeah. So let s get stuck in okay. So how did i choose my location well.

I know wanted to get even light. I didn t want to do a transition from day into night given that i haven t done a time lapse before i didn t want to have a variable light as another consideration that i had to take into i wanted to have something that was very even in life and i didn t want to have something in the middle of the day that because middle of the day shooting. Potentially is not always the most dramatic and i also wanted some movement of light with cars and so forth as well so so i ended up settling on a bridge above a really busy bus stop in the center of brisbane. The bridge above gave me a good sight out of the bus stop below and the city in the background and at being at night.

It really gave me some really good opportunities for light trails as well and then there was because there s such a busy bus stop. There s lots of buses and lots of people moving through in and out of the frame at the time so. That s how i settled on how is going to compose this time lapse. Okay so what camera settings did i use a lot of the research that i did said that if you have two shorter shutter speed you don t quite get the nice movement on the of the illusion of movement through the frame of time lapses.

So i really wanted to focus on a shutter speed of two seconds. As the most important thing to short over a shutter was going to lead to probably more jittery time lapses. I m into longer this shuttle like if you do a lot of exposure. You ll just have the busses and people moving through your frame.


So really one of the focus on two seconds. Has a number one priority for me um. So my settings after that i was able to. Do.

Iso 64 and if 45 and f. 45. I don t know if i would do that again i d probably go for a different type of aperture probably closer to f9 to get more of the city in the background. I used in nick on d.

And so that has a built in intervalometer and so i didn t need to purchase an intervalometer there i could do it in the camera. I took the photos every 5 seconds and i did it so i think 25 minutes which is about 300 photos or i also did these in a full raw format and now. There are some people who would say that you can do it in jpeg because it was my first time i want to do a full raw big files of course. 300 photos at full raw.

It s going to take up a lot of space in your hard drive. But i just wanted that flexibility to have full editing options available for when i put it into a lightroom now. I ll show you how well i did in lightroom and then also from there what i did in imovie. Okay.

So okay so you can see here my batch of photos and like i said 305 days. And that i took and i ve imported these into a lightroom now so you can see here like this is the full final edited image file. I ll just go back to before what it looked like before so i exposed correctly for the bus. Stop make sure that was exposed correctly and then in the back room you can see this city.


But you can see in the city. It s a bit underexposed. They like to bring these up through the shadows. And this is the after and this is the final image.

Where i will put this full edited these editing settings across the other 300 images look. It s really important to note. That i have also done this in a 16 to 9 aspect ratio and the reason for that is because obviously this is going to go into a time lapse movie and the aspect ratio is 16 to. 9.

You don t have to do that but when you re importing there through the imovie. The aspect ratio are 16 tonight and so you don t have to crop to fill which you can do and i may be that i choose to do it in a fly straight away okay so now i ve got this edited image zoomed in and zoomed out so what i just do is i right click on the image. If you re going to develop settings. And then you can copy settings here and then make sure that everything is tip that you that you use with everything so basically everything is tipped there you click copy and then you just for me it s just on the hold down the next fighter and then shift and what that will do is then to the all the images that you want to press.

This and then your right click develop settings again and then paste settings and that will take all the settings that you ve put into that photo and you ll take you through and do the editing across your whole batch of images that just ensures that that you ve got the exact same editing. There s that exact same cropping happening across every single image. So it looks like one continuous film. So once that s done you ve exported those all out.

I ve exported those out. And there s probably about a 10. Meg s a peg 300 files. At 10 minutes.


That s big enough i ve saved them and now i will bring those back in to imovie. Okay. So here i am in imovie. So to import these files and you just click on that little downward arrow.

And that will bring up a little import box here and you just find your files. Wherever you cite that where you have saved them and import them all i ve imported them already the other thing that you need to do before you drag into your reel down the bottom. Here is also go into preferences. They go to imovie preferences.

And then make sure when you have when you get this box up this is that the. Photo duration you will put to. 01 of a second now 01. Of a second is the smallest amount of time our movie will import a photo so 01.

Of a second that s 10 frames per second. What you generally need is a minimum for time lapse is 24 frames per. Second which is what most cinematic videos are shot out so 01. Of a second is the shortest that s ten frames a second.

We re not there at 24. But let s bring that in at point one so once you ve done that as well you just import them in and so you ll see. Here if i play at 01. Of a second it s still preach it re.


So that s okay base a bit at point one of the second so what then you do is then you just export that file out so file. And then share to a movie share as a file and then export that out so now you re going to have that file saved as a tenth frame per second movie from there you get that movie and then you reinforce that finished template for a second movie back into imovie okay so now that i ve imported my ten frame per second movie. I ll click and drag that in and all i need to do now to speed this up to 24 frames a second so that s really just two hundred and forty percent of ten frames. So if i go back up to the top right hand corner in speed and i m going to do a custom speed and i m going to make that two hundred and forty percent click on that that shrinks down so if i write an s and press play now you can see the difference.

So that s two hundred and forty percent says. 24 frames a second the video processing now so for contrast. I might just show you what the ten frames per second look like if i go back into here speed back to 100 all right. So let me just put this in and that s what i was so you can see in the ten frames per second how it was very jittery and the 24 frames per second is all lots so that s basically it so that s the whole process.

What i did in with that as well this is that i went back into lightroom and i cropped a bit heavier a second set of those 300 images just to make it look like it s a transition for another cat from a camera angle. And obviously added in music as well to give it a bit a bit extra a bit of extra life and a bit of extra z s so have you enjoyed that i really enjoyed that time. Lapse photography that i did over the weekend. Must think.

It s something i will definitely do more off. I hope you enjoyed it and i ll talk to you soon thanks. ” ..


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