Top 10 Scary Nursery Rhyme Dark Origins

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“And welcome back to the most amazing nchannel on the internet. I am your host. Host. Rebecca felgate and today we nare talking about the top 10 scary nursery rhyme origins have you guys seen some of our similar videos n.

Like the top 10. Scary cursed songs you should never listen to there is a link to that in the cards of this nvideo. Which should be above my head right now if you want to check that out later before we get into this video too. i want to ask you what your favourite nursery nrhyme.

Is i am all about a bit of twinkle twinkle little. Nstar cosmic okay. Nursery rhymes nursery rhymes nare something. We.

Sing to children mostly babies butttt. Are they appropriate ring o ring. O roses. Ni.

Think that north america. And the uk have slightly different wordings for this nursery nrhyme. But they have the same dark origin in the uk. It goes ring o ring.

O roses. A pocket nfull of posies attisho attisho. We all fall down i know in some variations. People say ashes nashes but either way as some of you may know this cute little nursery.

Rhyme kids sing while nholding hands in a circle is actually about the majority of europe dying from the plague. The all fall down bit where these days kids nwill throw themselves on the floor is literally about dropping dead how dark ring o ring of roses is about the red rash nplague victims would notice at the onset of the sickness. He pocket filled with posies nis about the herbs and flowers. People would smell that they believed protected them from nthe plague.

The atisho is a sneeze also a symptom and the ashes. Bit is about how nthe bodies of victims were burned what a cheery ditty. 9. Eeey meeny miney moe njust.


When you thought learning to count via a cute little nusery rhyme was safe you find nout that actually the poem was hella racist. Not cool so in the uk. We say eeney meeny miny moe ncatch a piggy by its toe and in the states i. Think they say tiger but.

Anyway in nthe original. It was not an animal. But the n word and he rest of the rhyme was awful. If he nwon t work then let him go skidum skidee skidoo getting kids to count and teaching them deepset nracism awful.

8. It s raining. It s pouring ni used to like singing this one. I think because i found the prospect of snoring nkind of funny the rhyme goes.

It s raining. It s npouring. The old man is snoring he went to bed and bumped his head and couldn t nget up in the morning. Why oh cause he is dead apparently the origin of the story here seems to be from nengland where we do love a good pint.

It is thought the man was a drunk no better nplace to hide from the rain and drown your sorrows than the pub. The nursery rhyme is a cautionary tale about ndrinking. Too much to ail your woes. If you take it too.

Far. You might drunkenly bump nyour head and not get up in the morning. 7. This little piggy ni loved it when i was really small and my mum would play this little piggy on my toes.

This little piggy went to market this little npiggy stayed at home this little piggy had roast beef and this nlittle piggy had none and this little piggy went weee wee wee wee weee weee all the way nhome it would always end in a tickle and lots of laughter. Now as an adult and a vegetarian. I realise nwhat. The rhyme actually meant the piggy who went to the market wasn t going shopping nfor lovely things to eat.

He was the thing to eat. He went to market to be sold. Then killed nand. Eaten maybe some little cows out there were eating nroast pork.


Just to complete the rhyme. We should have known all along the piggy nwho went to market was always the big chubby toe too. the fattest and tastiest of all nthe toes in august 2018 a. Tweet from samantha went nviral when she realised exactly this and a lot of people were shocked too leave the piggys and toes for that matter nalone.

6. London bridge is falling down nlong before fergie decided to sing about london london london. Kids for centuries. Had been nsinging the old london bridge is falling down nursery rhyme.

It is thought that in parts the song refers nto immurement. Which is a centuries old practice especially popular in the middle nages. Where people thought human sacrifice would make a building strong. The rumour was that dozens of children were nbricked into the walls of london bridge to stop it from ever falling dark next up a zest rhyme with a very dark undertone.

5 oranges and lemons. Noranges and lemons. Say the bells of saint clements. What a lovely little tune.

I always forget the bit at the end that goes nhere comes a candle to light you to bed and here comes a chopper to chop off your head chip chop chip chop. The last man is dead okay pretty sinister it turns out the bells of st clements. It seems executions always started with the nchiming of bells. The whole song is about an execution execution nby decapitation awful 4 georgie porgie pudding and pie nturns out georgie porgie is not legit you may have heard of the rhyme.

It goes ngeorgie porgie puffing and pie kissed the girls and made them cry. When the boys came nout to play georgie porgie ran away turns out lil georgie. Here was a sex pest georgie is thought to refer to georgie villiers. Nthe duke of buckingham.

A man who people speculated king james. The first was in love nwith. There isn t any proof of this. But it was nsaid that villiers had wandering eyes and hands and was very fond of young women.

It is said he would force himself on women nwho didn t consent to his advance sexually abusing them and raping them he often was set upon by their husbands. The nboys who came out to play leading him to run away before they could punish him it seems he was never truly punished because nof. The kings protection 3. Ten.


Little indians ni guess i should have seen this one coming ten little indians had another nasty variant nusing the n word annnnd here is the cover to a book of the icelandic version of the nsong not okay in 1868. A song. Called. 10 little injuns was nadapted and elaborated for a minstrel show.

Which isn t the most awkward thing about nthis story. The most scary and awkward thing is that the lyrics counted down from nten with an injun dying each stanza right horrible. 2. Peter.

The pumpkin eater nthis. One goes. Peter peter pumpkin. Eater had a wife and couldn t keep her.

He put her in a pumpkin shell. And there he nkept her very well i ll admit that while as a kid. I just enjoyed nrhyming peter with pumpkin eater on closer inspection. The words are quite concerning like why couldn t peter keep his wife and nwhat on earth.

Do you mean he put her in a pumpkin. Shell. Well it turns out that actually the rhyme ndates back to young and decidedly more religious america back. Then the rhyme was a warning to women n.

A warning that they had to be faithful. Else they might fall victim of comeuppance you see it seems peter found his wife cheating non. Her murdered. Her and hid her body in a giant hallowed out pumpkin cool.

It seems that there is a similar ditty from nenglish folklore called eeper weeper about a chimney sweep. Who killed his second wife stop killing wives just you move on nlike everyone else. 1. Mary mary.

Quite contrary nmary mary. Quite contrary how does your garden grow with silver bells and cockle shells and pretty nmaids all in a row sounds legit right a nice garden. But wait why is mary so contrary that means like conflicting. Which is weird nfor.


A pretty girl in a garden. It turns out that the nursey rhyme is actually about nbloody mary mary. The 1st of england mary tudor. This formidable queen reigned for njust years in which time she managed to kill over three hundred protestants earning her nthe name bloody mary.

The nursery rhyme is actually about her spate nof murders. The garden is actually a euphemism for her ngrowing cemeteries. As she filled them with her religious murder victims silver bells and cockle shells were instruments. Nof torture and the maiden was a device used to behead people so that was the top 10.

Scary nursey rhyme ndark origins. What did you think to this video. And which scared you the most let me know in the comments section down below comments from my recent video the top n10 scary grim reaper urban legends. Connect the dots said seasons do not fear nthe reaper.

Nor do the sun and the wind and the rain to which hentai forever wrote. The irs doesn t neither ha . True. I.

Found this comment from one of our channel nmembers. Jennifer. Really interesting . The banshee isnt just in irish legend shes nalso in scot.

It was either my great grandfather or my great great grandfather i cant remember nwhich but one of them claimed to have heard a banshee screaming when his father died that is terrifying. But sooo interesting another of our channel. Members laura anderson nsaid the. Grim reaper is scary enough without.

Any urban legends you. Are right nhonestly this channel gives me nightmares. ” ..


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