UnderShop/Freeshop On Switch 9.2.0 With Custom Firmware Freeshop For Switch 9.2.0

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“This video. I m going to show you guys on how to access. The first first party games on anything asleep with a cast up from work. What s up super games for vaisya welcome back to another new video so in order to access the first party games.

We cannot use the jacking shops instead they have completely shut down the check in the shop. Because of the lawsuit against a goomba. We have lost jack in the shop for about three or four months so in order to access the first particles just as i said we need to install the under privileged bag so for joseph you guys never heard about the under privileged bag. It was the same as the jack in the shop.

But of course both of them has a different server so our first phone you need to install the custom firmware for your switch first in this video. I m going to use the atmosphere stochastic firmware. So there is no atlas and x. Cosmos.

There s no data step forward now first of all you need to get my files. Which i have put the links on description box down below that with you to the midi file websites. Which is the files here. I ve put it into one folders.

Which means that don t need to get the file separately so for this we just interested to visit the under privileged official website. I will leave the links down below that brings you to the under domains so this is the official and privileged website. So you can get all the stuff. The websites and have the they have other homebrew as well too because interested to find out the end of a british official website.

Alright so now once you have get my files down below. You know what you need to do is you need to extract it onto your desktop. First suggestion. See here it comes with the forever and the pack.

Nine point two point zero folders. Now in folders here you can see there s not the three folders alright..

Now what you want to do here is you need to connect your switch sd card to your pc. So i m going to shut down my switch here and since that my sd card. Still connected to my suite now take out d card for my switch in the connected to my pc. So once you have to let your sd card your pc.

Now what you want to do here. Is you need to open up the switch folder. And then on the fiber. And the back nine point two point zero.

You need to open the switch folder. Now go ahead and copy both of the tinfoil. And under update. The drag and drop.

It to your micro sd card switch. Folder alright. So you have it on my stick out here. So i will place it just to show you guys that i m currently using the files that have provided here alright.

So now once you have copied off of the folder now go ahead and go back to the root of your micro sd card. Now open up the most views folder and on the fiber. Under pack. You need to go back.

Also and then you need to open up the atmospheres folders. Now go ahead and copy the cynosure patches that was inside the most waste folder here drag and drop it to the atmospheres folder on your micro sd card alright. So i already have it now go ahead and keep replace file destination. If you guys have your current site inertia patch that you already have installed so you might skip this in case that if you guys launch the under privileged on your switch later on.

But you have encountered some issues. So i suggest you guys to grab this sign the check patches so if you only have the signature patches you may skip this..

But i suggest you get to use this instead. Sometimes you might get the error. While you if you just not copying the signage. Two patches that have been provided here alright.

So that s all what we need for the sd set up here. Now we may disconnect our micro sd card from our pc. Now we need to connect it back to our need in the switch right now. What you wanna do here is you need to boot your switch into the most fierce customer.

So as i said. I m not going to use the s last and x cosmo in this video. So i will launch the custom firmware via a fusee family dot bin right now i m going to insert my ash dmg on my switch here so now you need to launch the custom firmware on your switch right so for those of you guys don t have the effusive m8. I ve been i have provide so i have put if is department or being nd happy t as well on my first year.

So you don t need to worry and of course. You will need a lattice atmospheres in order to use the physical move in alright alright. So now once you have put your switch into the cast of homework what you need to do here is you need to access the homebrew menu by navigate to the album right now go ahead and find the tin foil. So cn.

See here here s this tin foil. Which is the version here is seven point zero point one right now what we might do here you need to launch it all right so now it will be launched. So i will turn off the sound surface such as you can see here it says unable to read nan would you like to install a custom mit mit. M.

The clips so this is what we get when we install the hpg shop. So now if you want to do here. Is you need to select ok. And then it will ask you to reboot your switch in order to take effect now go ahead and hit ok.

Now what i want to do here is you need to go back to your home screen. And you need to reboot your switch into the custom firmware again all right so now once you have reboot you switch to the customer back..

Now we need to launch the 18 foot. So since that we have launched. It vi out of the hombre menu. Now it will create the shortcut for the tinfoil itself.

I ll go ahead and launch. It and now you can see you can use the on the privilege pack. Without the not this pops out so we already have down to the cape files. So now we need to connect power switching to the internet.

So for those of you guys that not yet been when i suggest you guys to use the connector mode. I ll turn on the 90 dns setting in order to use the internet access here alright. So now i have connect a switch to the wi fi here now i m going to connect my switch screen to the dock mode. So that you guys can see it clearly alright.

So now what you want to do here you need to go back to the tinfoil and if you already have connect to the internet. The new games list doesn t shown up now you need to risk restart. The tinfoil. Okay so now once you have restarted your team photo.

You can see now we have the new games lygia now this is where you re going to find your first party games. Okay. So now let s test one of the first party games. That really like to do workforce.

As you can see happy super mario maker for my odyssey. And i will lift up half their super smash brothers. Ultimate as well and here s it the super smash brothers. Ultimate you can see here right.

So. Let s test to install the game s first here and see if it was working or not nor internet start to installing and i believe that we need to wait until the down start here is special right so it s a sandstone thank god alright so now if you ask you to turn on the unsigned code first now you need to go to the option..

Here and then you need to turn on the install and sign code first now go ahead and press f1. Now enter this code right now up up down down left right left right b a and the plus button right so that is the konami code okay so now once we have done on the sign code. I can try to download the games again ok so since like the unprivileged server still have any issues for downloading some games. But i will try to always try to test other games right so as you can see now it starts to download for the stone boys.

This is not the first party games. So for some reason some games doesn t downloading if you guys want to download them i don t know maybe because of the google drive has the quota exceed limit does work with some of the games. So this one is not very big size for games. Especially here go from 606 near the galaxy moving.

So as you can see the speed that i have now is 13. Megabytes per second. So this arrow always pops out so i ve guessed that it may be back. Yes.

Sir yeah. So i just want you to taste some of the games here. But i did believe that try it yourself maybe you will get it working fine. So this is at least the only way on how we can get the first party game.

So i wanted to toast with all the stuff you guys don t want to use your pc to download the games. So that s all for this video. If you guys have any further questions just leave a comment down below the oil update are more about the under privileged videos. After this so i ll see you guys on the next videos.

” ..

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