What can you actually buy for only 1 robux?

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” s it going guys shout books air. So you guys might know i have a a group and i always get people comment on the group wall and the same like i have one roebucks. And what am i supposed to buy with one roebucks so in this video. We are going to try it it s called team shark.

If you want to join it you can find it on my profile of my main account shark trickshots for this video. I m just on my alt. Account right now. And we re going to see.

If we can actually buy anything for one roebuck. So sometimes i always see comments like saying i ll give me very bucks. I ve only got one roebuck. I can t buy anything but and that isn t actually true this actually and two things that you can buy for one very bucks.

So i don t think many people notice. But the things you can buy to actually look kind of cool. I guess they re not actually that bad and they re not hats..


But you know it s still something you can buy so if we go over to the catalog right now and we go to featured or featured items and we select this on low to high. We can see everything that is really cheap. So it s going to start off of the free stuff. Obviously you can take all of this stuff for free.

But once we get to the second page you can see it that the lowest item is to roebucks know if we have one row. Bucks. Obviously we re not going to be able to afford this and that is the same with shirts and t shirts so if we gone shirts loti. The cheapest is five and if we do exactly the same thing with like t shirts.

There s a ton of free ones. But i probably will never be able to find them. But the cheapest t shirt. You were able to buy i m pretty sure us too and we can actually find out if we ve gotten roblox s account.

Yeah so they don t even sell them so the cheapest t shirt. You can buy is an two roebucks you guys might not know there are actually some pants you can buy for one. Very bucks..


And there s also quite a few plants you can get for free still. So if we click on this you can see all of the free ones. We ve got here and if you keep on looking down the list you re eventually going to find these jeans and black slacks. Now these are one roebuck age.

And actually sure why ds are still on the catalog. Maybe roblox forgot about them. And i would have thought they would have updated them to five or maybe. Just like a pet mystery or something.

But for some reason. They are still one roebuck. So if you ve got one roebuck in your account. And you really don t know what to do with it these are quite cool things to buy it so as you can see i ve got this one.

I ve actually got both of them. But ya know there s really just one rs. So you can go ahead and buy these and let s take a look at what they look like so obviously they make a difference..


And you know they look kind of better than the normal stuff. I guess i quite like these blue ones here they look right so let s go over to our avatar. And let s try it knees new pants on so if we go into pants right here. We ve got it black slacks.

First and these ones kind of like go of like a business suit or something like that they probably won t really suit. My avatar. And as you can see it i don t really look too bad. But i probably wouldn t use them i prefer these sort of like ripped jeans.

I ve got. But let s just add a 3d rotation and take a look so that is what they look like pretty old um pants. I think they re from like 2009 at 2011. I m not actually 100 sure.

But they re pretty old kind of suit. My character let s try the jeans. I actually prefer how these ones look as you can see they do look kind of cool kind of like vintage..


Let s just do another 3d rotation. And that is what they look like so you can get knees for one roebuck. If you really don t know what to spend and you ve got one in your account. And yes.

So they are the two things that you can get for one roebuck. Maybe you didn t know or maybe you completely forgot. And yeah. I definitely recommend buying them um.

If you pretty much just have one roebuck in your account. And you have no idea what to do with it so that is pretty much it for this video. So if you guys enjoyed make sure to like and subscribe. I m gonna try and make more like free clothing videos and stuff.

I just didn t think of some so yeah thanks for watching. And i will see you guys in the next one ” ..

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