What is AlphaAntiLeak? How it Protects Lunar Client (AAL)

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“What s going on guys now in my last video going over the updated faq faq and the lunar client store. I mentioned down here a al. I wasn t sure what it meant but i asked in the discord and horn on real quick. Bob mert responded to me saying that it stands for alpha anti leak.

Which it seems like this is what it stands for so as you can see down here says you may have seen this in my other video. But if you haven t seen that video. It says that aao as a program and use in order to protect our client..


Then they ve been working with them for the past month to order a best possible product now if you go to the alpha ansi leak website. As you can see almost very simple. I m not gonna create an account or anything because i don t really know how any of this works. But as you see basically just says we offer you our perfect solution for protecting your java applications and learner s respect.

You know learner client and then it says with our account system. Which makes each account bound to a hardware id. So no one s gonna be able to like hack psyches account or whoever s you know managing their account..


No one s gonna be able to hack. It and then they use powerful techniques like injecting your classes into memory. I m not a developer. So i don t know what like half this stuff means i want to know what hardware ideas.

But as crackers will no longer be able to easily reverse engineer your code. So this is what they re using to help prevent against hackers and people who are like gonna try and crack and you know reverse engineer. I don t know if cheat breaker used this there s no mention of aao anywhere in cheat breaker on the website..


Or anything. Like that so this might be something that lunar clients using specifically since they don t have access to everything that cheap breaker had but i m like i said. I m not 100 sure on that. But um yeah.

It was a very quick video because i know i did say in that video. I didn t know what it meant. But i m shout out to bob mert and the discord for i m telling me what it meant so i could make this little quick video for you guys..


So yeah basically once again that s just gonna help prevent people from reverse engineering. The code of lunar client you know trying to put hacks into it and all that stuff so yeah. A very quick video. If you enjoy be sure leave like subscribe for more content in the near future and i ll talk to you ” .


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