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“Right so this video is gonna explain how the arcade games. Work so you just just go here and you press start so. I m gonna try to make the as short as possible and you ll see how this one works. So first you press the number two and you get these chords.

There s five of them so each one of them has games so just to show you an example i m gonna pick this when i press the number two there s only a few games. I think this one is like you know go down to the third option. You press the number two again so that s the list of games. This is called cps.

There s only like 40 games or something..

But they re actually pretty good so let me see as an example. Everybody knows this marvel vs capcom. They press the two that s the two again and that said it boots up it s gonna start gluing up and to start the game. You press the to insert a quarter.

Believe it or not you have to insert a quarter then you press the plus. I don t know if you can hear that so yeah press plus. I m gonna pick whoever doesn t matter i m just trying to show that the game works not concerned with the settings. Anything in case.

You re wondering yes you can you know make the screen bigger so that s it i m gonna exit because i m gonna get beat up..

But um let me go back and pick another core. If you re wondering yes. You can adjust the screen. Size.

The way. I have it set up right now it does have a border. But you know you can you can use up the whole screen and my tv s not really full lcd. Anyways.

It s a really old tv..

Oh yeah. So you press. The number two and this is along this by the way the main mm. I think it s like two thousand games on here something like that but it s a really long list from a to z.

I ll be honest 90 of these games. I ve never really gotten into them these arcade games. I m sure gala goes on there you know some to feed a bunch of stuff. The main stuff that interests me was like same sans tmnt.

You know it s like two games..

But uh and so i the games let me see i wish i knew what these games were there it is like galaga just a sure that it works them you boot. It up don t worry if you see like jumbo stuff like that it s normal it ll go away once the game starts there it is so this all you have to insert the quarter. I m gonna exit though i m just it works they re gonna beat me up anyway well they re gonna shoot me down all right so you exit with that so garlic is a pretty fun game. So that s it that s as simple as it gets actually i ll be honest.

There the arcade. One was a bit complicated you pick a core. Then you pick a you know folder with all the games in it. But that s it ” .


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